Monday 9 December 2013

Chaos Marine Chosen Finished and a happy new year!

Finally found time to get these guys posted up on here. 

I actually finished these off just before Christmas and sent them off with the Custodes to Sandy in Newzealand. 

My honest opinion on these models is they look good in plastic but the detail is so poorly molded in some parts it's been a real challenge to "paint" in the detail. 

I even resorted to black lining some areas to get a good separation of colours. 
What's next well, I believe it's some Inquisition models which are a mix of Judge Dredd and Infinity.
On a personal side I'm thrilled the new Tyranids codex has landed and I'm eager to revisit my old models with a new paint scheme.

The middle colours are a strong favorite at the moment, il be trying a very fast airbrush, dry brush and wash technique to get them painted at speed.

Stay tuned and a happy new year!


Sunday 24 November 2013

Honsou finished and Chaos Chosen started.

Apologies for the grainyness of the picture I forgot to take final pics of the finished figure again whoops, anyway's by all accounts my friend absolutely loved this as a present from his brother so mission accomplished for me at least!

Next on the table are some Chaos Chosen, they are to be painted in Tzeentch colours, and to that end I have picked Blue, Purple,White and gold as my colours.

This chap was the first guy to be completed to get a feel for the scheme, to be honest they look amazing in plastic but are very hard to get looking nice.
This is due to the detail being very subtle and smooth across the whole figure.
I had to use black lining on most of the armour to make it "pop" a technique I've not used since I was teenager!!!

This is the current progress f the squad, I am still refining how I paint even after all these years and the lesson I learnt from these is to find a base colour that goes on easy.......not in 3 coats grrrrrr.
Stay tuned for more and possibly a second author......

Sunday 27 October 2013

Honsou Of the Iron Warriors

I have been asked by a good friend to create Honsou from the Black Library series of books. 

He is for his brothers birthday, so it's gotta be a nice figure. 
Here's where I started, with legs from the new tactical boxed set, a Terminator chest stuck to a Power Armour back and some power cables, the head is a Blood Angels one with the flowing locks cut off. 
The next stages involved sculpting the belt and holster and tidy up. 
A quick check once I'd started the arms, the Necron arm is an Ork one with the hand turned 90* the axe is from one of the Chosen from the Dark Vengeance boxset. 
End result is this, pretty close to the artwork as close as I can get myself. 
He is all primered up and ready for paint over the next few days.