Sunday, 15 September 2013

Better late than never eh!

Well doesn't time fly when your having fun (revamping the bathroom) Not a huge amount to report but a few projects have ticked along in the back ground firstly I finished off the Necromunda gang but stupidly forgot to get a final picture of them so this is the last one I took.
The only thing I needed to do was finish the bases off with weathering powders.
After them I did a small piece for a chap at my work place, this was a small pewter model car I cleaned up and painted for him.

The next unit on the commission agenda is a unit of Custodes these figures are from Scibor miniatures
I have built them with pole axe's from the Grey Knight Terminator boxed set with Blood Angels Angelus Boltguns fitted on top to represent the Custodes weapons.

This chap is armed with a Psycannon so the customer can use the Unit as Grey Knights.

A Scale comparison shot with Marines and Frankenstein is photobombing lol.
This is the group ready for primer and paint, I had to fill in a few haps with GreenStuff to get the arms to match, were off on a little holiday with the mini Munky who is now 8 months old and terrorizing the household!

See you soon followers.