Sunday, 27 May 2012


Wow another month has blown by so fast, were does the time go?
Anyways I'm back from a much needed break to Portugal and had a week of at home too, so I'm nice and recharged and rested.
Enough chat time to show you what I've been doing in recent weeks, the first up is the chests from Super Dungeon Explore These were a blast to paint up and I stuck them on some bases to match them to the figures from the game.

This is the Barbarian chick, Paladin and Thief from the set, Adam from Warhammer Tau painted the Paladin I did the other two on the first afternoon we met up to do some painting.
On the second afternoon he painted the Dwarf and myself the Wizard, I was distracted by Adam putting Predator on the TV awesome film!

I still have the Archer and Sorceress to do, once they are done I will post pics of them for you.
There is a secret project in the works too, I am just awaiting the models to arrive in the next week or two, once I am able I will spill the beans, suffice to say I am well chuffed to be painting these!!!

All the best and thanks for looking 



  1. Great job.
    They look awesome.

  2. Thanks Kiwi I'm glad you like them.
    I'm part way through the Archer right now but should have both done for this weekend.

    Stay tuned.