Sunday, 31 October 2010

It's Hallows Eve.........Boo!

This little fella is the beginnings of the Tyrannofex I mentioned last week, it is still very work in progress but I think you can see where its going.

I am using the images from the Tyranid codex to get reference and some of the other conversions online, I will be using a lot of the elements from the Biovore,Pyrovore and Tyranids weapons when it comes to sculping the details.

The following horrific picture is my attempt to show what I will eventually do to this guy:
You were warned LOL!

Any comments and suggestions are welcome as always.


Friday, 29 October 2010

Crystal Brush Awards announced for Adepticon! $10,000 1st Place Prize

I know this is on the other side of the pond, but I am actually amazed that something like this could happen!
I mean seriously we are all Geeks (no offense intended folks) but this kind of event is, I think a major step for the hobby and for modellers and painters around the world to stand up and be counted.

If you claimed first prize at this, you could without a doubt say you are recognised as the NO:1 artist in America.

What do you all think about this?

The only thing I am 100% sure of, is the models are gonna be incredible!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Batrep 1000pts Space Wolves Vs Night Angels

Hi folks Munky back again with another battle report, once again it is my Space Wolves Vs Neil's Night Angels.

This time round we are playing a mission from the Battle Missions book called: BLACK CRUSADE!
Neil won the roll to be the Chaos Marine stand-ins for this mission, which meant he deployed first and on a 2+ got first turn.
The main cool rules about this mission is it's Kill Points and any non-vehicle unit destroyed can come back on from reserve the next turn!.


Rune Priest
Runic Weapon + Bolt Pistol

Wolfguard Battle Leader
Frost Blade + Stormshield + Thunderwolf + 2x Fenrisian Wolves

Thunderwolf Cavalry
1x Bolt pistol + Powerfist
1x Chainsword + Stormshield

Wolfguard terminators
1x Frostblade + Stormbolter
1x Chainfist + Stormbolter
1x Powerweapon + Stormbolter + Cyclone Missile Launcher
3x Powerweapon + Stormbolter

Grey Hunters
1x flamer
1x Meltagun
8x Bolter + Chainsword

Grey Hunters
1x flamer
1x Meltagun
8x Bolter + Chainsword

Total  = 998


Forceweapon + Bolt Pistol

Venerable Dreadnought
Missile Launcher + Twin-linked Lascannon

2x Plasmacannon
2x lascannon
8x Bolter

Tactical Squad
1x Plasma Pistol
1x Plasmagun
1x Plasmacannon
7x Bolter

Tactical Squad
1x Plasma Pistol
1x Plasmagun
1x Plasmacannon
7x Bolter

TOTAL = 1000


NA - Neil set his 10 man Tactical Squad up in the crater to my right with the Venerable Dreadnought supporting them, the second Tactical Squad was combat squadded and the Plasmacannon was positioned on the first floor of the building with the Sargeant and Plasmagun in the center, one combat squad from the Devastators was set up on the top floor with 2x Plasmacannons whilst the second with the Lascannons deployed in the left most ruin along with the librarian.

SW - I plonked both Grey Hunter squads in the center spaced apart to minimise casualties from the huge amount of Plasma sure to rain down on them, the Terminators took the right hand side in the trees, and the Thunderwolves and Battle Leader took the left, the Rune Priest was in the center so he could cast the 5+ cover save over the two squads if needed.

NA - Zero movement from the Angels as expected Neil was going to blast me to bits in his first turn....and he did just that melting a terminator and 4 marines from either squad and the two Wolves following the Battle Leader, luckily all the units passed their morale checks and it was game on!
SW - I moved everything forwards, the two Grey Hunter squads now had a 4+ coversave from the vents in the middle, everything ran except the Terminators who fired two Frag missiles into the 10 man Tacticals opposite....missing with both aargh!

NA - No movement again from Neil but this time his shooting was dire, only managing to kill another Terminator with a Lascannon and wounding the Thunderwolf with the Stormshield.
SW - The Thunderwolves are in range of the Devastators and promtly tear them to bits, the crafty Librarian had retreated earlier in the turn, everything else advanced straight ahead, the Rune Priests squad rapid fire into the % man combat squad in the middle killing 3 with the aid of Freki & Geri the wolf spirits summond by the Priest, in assault they finish off the combat squad. 2-0 SW.

NA - The Devastators walk back on in the center to support the rest of their brothers from the imminent charge of the Thunderwolves (the scenario rules allowed this), their fire even with the Plasmacannons and bolters from the squads in the building do no damage to the squad(phew thanks for Stormshields eh!) Another 2 Terminators die from withering rapid fire from the 10 man Tac. squad.
SW - The Terminators kill the offending Plasmacannon and them charge the 10 man squad killing 5 but they hold, the Grey Hunters not with the Rune Priest charge the Dreadnought but only stun it with Krak grenades, the Rune Priests squad fail to charge through cover into the building whilst the Thunderwolves charge and massacre the Devastator combat squad again losing the Stormshield Thunderwolf.. 3-0 SW.

NA - The Devastators and the combat squad come back on right infront of the Thunderwolves desperate to slow their murderous charge, their rapid fire wounds the Powerfist Thunderwolf, the Venerable Dreadnought slay one of the pesky Space Wolves clambering all over him but is stunned again, Terminators kill another 2 from the Tactical squad but the hold their nerve.
SW - The Wolfguard kill of the Tacticals finally, Rune Priest finishes off the combat squad he was trying to charge last turn but the last Grey Hunter falls, The Battle Leader and Powerfist Thunderwolf splatter 7 marines from the multiple combat behind the building and the Lone Night Angel Sargeant flees the combat, The dreadnought and Hunters draw their combat. 5-1 SW.

NA - The 10 man squad reappear by the Termainators and their rapidfire and some help from the Devastators in the building finally slay the Wolfguard, in assult the Dreadnoght combat is a draw again!, Battle Leader and the Librarian both swing at the same time, the psyker having charged into the melee in the middle, both character take wounds and the Librarian seizes his chance .... he channels all his rage into his force weapon and tries to instant death the Battle Leader but he draws too much power and is possesed by a denizen of the warp and dies!(oops! not a good time to roll double 6!!)The Devastators flee off the table after losing the combat. 8-2 SW.
SW - The Venerable Dreadnought loses an arm to the Hunters, the RunePriest is wounded and the Thunderwolves crush the tactical combat squad to end the game. 9-2 SW

Well that went well didn't it!, I must confess to being very very worried about all that Plasma facing me, the only thing that saved me from becoming fried chicken was the scenery in the middle and the sheer speed of  the Thunderwolves( I only found out this game that Cavalry have fleet of foot!) Once again they are proving to be an extremely nasty unit easily capable of tearing up a whole flank on their own!
I think Neil did his best to try and stop them but I think the small size of his squads made it too hard to do any meaningful damage back.

What are your views on this game a how would you have played it differently?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tyranid Prime II

Hello folks,
I am back from my holiday in Lanzarote, I had a very nice time with the wife and some friends and I will most certainly go back, the weather there was really nice compared to the miserable old UK!

Enough about me, I have begun work on the second Tyranid Prime for Sandy in New Zealand, this one is being modelled with 2x Boneswords and Rending Claws and as such I decided to pose it charging across the battlefields in search of its next victim.

I will admit that posing a model with 6 limbs is interesting because you end up with 2 left after posing it running! very hard to figure them all out at once!

The Space Marine helmet on the base is a small nod to one of his opponents and will be painted to match their army, I decided to make a ruined wall on the base by cutting some balsa wood strip into "bricks" and Green stuffing the mortar in between.

The model as a whole is a little more streamlined than the first to show it's agile nature, I thought I'd add some mandibles as a small nod to the Raveners, and the little spikes from my Trygon kit are still coming in useful here and there.

Stay tuned for the complete model,  I expect to have it finished and painted by sometime next week, though I have a battle report being posted on Monday.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tyranid Prime complete

Well here it is the first Prime, I have really enjoyed scratch building this little fella and painting him.

I will be starting work on the second one when I get back from my Holiday, the second prime will be of a simmilar design and will use the last of the odds and ends left from my Trygon kit.

I think that a different style Lashwhip and Bonesword are in order too, I will be working on this in about 2 weeks time upon my return.

I have packed the latest 3 Horus Heresy books with me so I have some cool reading materiel whilst im sipping  a nice cold beer by the pool, anyways I shall see ya all soon.