Thursday, 24 November 2011

Space Wolves get some love at last!

Hi everyone, it seems like ages since I worked on my Space wolves but I have finished off some Long Fangs I've had half painted for a silly amount of time.

These chaps have seen quite a lot of action, and my current configuration for the squad is 1-2 Lascannons and the rest missile launchers.....not very original I admit but seeing as I can't take 5 Heavy Flamers this will do!!

I've also started a Lone Wolf as I mentioned recently he has been of use lately so I thought it best he actually got a dedicated model!
The arms are magnetized so I can swap them about, all my Terminators are made this was so I get the most from the extra bitz in the boxes.

I'm still collecting bits and ideas for the next part of the Salamanders commission.....stay tuned for more info soon.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blood Angels Death Company completed

Welcome one and all to another update from the Painting Munky, this time I have for you the completed 10 strong Death Company Squad.
These are the first "new" marines I have built outside the Space Wolves I collect and I am impressed with the detail once again that GW are squeezing onto the figures.
It's so detailed it's quite easy to paint a very detailed model without actually using any fancy freehand or transfers, a great point for painters who struggle with that sort of thing.
As usual these have taken far too long for me to finish, but that's how the cookie crumbles lately I'm afraid!
I've not painted black armour before on marines so it was a good challenge to find some colours that worked well.

What's next well I believe it is a Tu'Shan model (Lysander in game terms), I'm still finalizing some details then I will post up the plan for that fella.

On a personal note I have been playing a few games of 40K lately with the gaming group, we have rekindled the hobby after 6 months of no action.
I have found myself playing with Terminator Lone Wolf's in my games and Fenrisian Wolves too so I shall be making and painting some of them for myself as well soon.

Anyhoo thanks for looking and your comments are always welcome