Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Space Wolves and Salamanders Update

As you can see the Liquid Green Stuff worked really well once it was sanded back a little, his armour is much better and the cloak is great as well.
I also painted up the test Fenrisian wolf as well:
Fur - Bleached Bone
Skin - Astronomicon Grey
Muzzle - Dwarf Flesh
Then I washed the model with Gryphonne Sepia.
Then I washed the model with Ogryn flesh around the muzzle and ears and the fur edge.

Then a final wash or two of Delan Mud and Bhadab black along the top of the fur and around details.
Drybrush the fur Bleached Bone, and finish the base off and he is done.

I'm pretty pleased with how he came out and the ears look fine, just another 5 to go......cry!

And on a final note I have bashed this fella together as the next Salamander Terminator, he will round out the options for the squad I painted HERE.

That's all for now I should have more for you this weekend, as always comments are welcome.

Munky out.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Space Wolf reinforcements and Liquid Greenstuff.

Hi Munky fanatics...I know your out there!

This week I have been working on my Space Wolves again, to the tune of getting stuff finished off.
I've built another lone Wolf, Long Fang Missile dude and a Wolfguard with combi-melta to round off some of the more popular choices I use in my games.

The Wolguard's powerfist is actually from a Terminator, I thought I'd try it on for size due the way it was sculpted.

I'm trying to be a little more creative in my model construction lately.

You also can't miss the huge dude on the Thunderwolf in the background!

If you are wondering what the green bits are they are where I have applied a thinned down layer or two of liquid Green stuff, the reason for this was the model was seriously pitted and miscast on his legs and cloak.
Hopefully when I sand it back the finished result will be a lot smoother for me to paint.

I'l be painting up the Fenrisian Wolf I made as a test figure to see how it looks, I'm not totally sold on the ear position yet but we will see.

Anyway that's all for now Munky out!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lone Wolf and Friends.

Well here he is all finished, this is the first Terminator for my Space Wolves as well which is a cool milestone to have.
I enjoyed painting this guys as a single model, the rest of my Wolves have been painted in batches.
It was a nice break from the norm.
He is not alone I have started work on some Fenrisian Wolves made from Chaos warhounds, I cut all the spikes and general weirdness off and have tried to sculpt some ears and a tail on one as a test figure.
Please let me know what you think on the placement of the ears etc, any tips are seriously welcome too
I am still a novice when it comes to sculpting!
The pic below is an indication on their size compared to other models.