Tutorials and Cool Stuff

Here you will find a list of tutorials, some of these are mine other are from around the web.
Any content posted here from other people is purely to showcase amazing talent and ideas, if there is a problem with me linking to anyone's work please let me know and I will take it down.

Please leave feedback and your own links if you have any it all helps us hobbyists!

The following are my own tutorials on this blog or other websites:
How to paint Space Wolves
Painting fur with washes
Painting faces
Making ribbed power cables

Whilst these are just some cool ones from the web I have bookmarked over the years:
Greenstuff Tabards and cloth tutorial
Tyranid Lashwhips and Boneswords
Sci-fi type fonts inc. Imperial and Eldar
Making your own sculpting tools

These are useful information or resource sites;
1000 Marine chapters livery and information
Loads of little known miniature and wargaming companies
Colour scheme designer
Colour Wheel

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