Monday, 20 December 2010

Sternguard Complete, and the final post of 2010!

Seasons greetings everyone, I hope the bad weather isn't affecting you too much this Christmas!
I can't quite believe it's only a few days away, where does the time go!

Anyways I have put some serious time in today and got these fellas finished, alas as I type I have just realised I forgot to highlight the Black on the models, never fear though I'l get that done straight away!

I am really happy with how the freehand has come out, it's all thanks to some great articles over at F.T.W. namely the following, an excellent tutorial on Space marine lens's and this was superb for the freehand, there is a better link in Ron's tutorials but at the moment the link is broken, but it is there.

I've really enjoyed the freehand on these especially getting the numbers right on the kneepads, that was pretty cool to do that, and it's certainly taught me a thing or two!

Here is a closer view for those who like eye candy!
Once again a big thank you to all you Salamanders players out there your pictures in google search have been a great inspiration for these models.

And that leaves me to say goodbye to you in 2010! I hope you all have a great Christmas break and I'l be back on song in the new year for sure!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sternguard WIP

From Space Marines
Well it's not much to look at but it's all I have managed this week, it seems to be getting harder and harder to get decent time on the models.

These fellas are still only about 70% done, the left hand Marine has had all the green highlights done as a test to see how the colours work.
They still need the bone/parchment finishing and the little details, then I will have some freehand to do for the Veteran symbols on the shoulders, and the banner will have some flames running up it as well.

I am pleased with how they are coming along but I am still struggling to find a quick way of getting a good base that is easily shaded and then cleaned up without having to apply 2-3 coats of Snot Green.

I am thinking of trying a mix of Snot green and a foundation paint to give smooth single coat coverage, it's an issue that has plagued me for ages, I am not fast enough period!

This will be the last post until the new year I will post the finished pics here for everyone before I have a nice festive break.
And so to everyone who reads or posts here.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Whirlwind Hyperios complete

Hello Munky fans!

I will apologise for the long delay inbetween posts, I have been feindishly busy.....not with my hobby though!
Real life has been butting its ugly head into my free time lately and has hampered me doing anything in at any sort of pace.

But I got there in the end and finished the Whirlwind off, it has magnetized roof panels and cupolas so it can be used as a Rhino as well, these were as per the customers instructions.

I actually enjoyed this project mainly because I haven't fully completed many vehicles before and it taught me some very handy lessons, mainly that GW vehicle kits need a tonne of work before the joins look good, I had to break out the filler more than once.

And another thing I had to do some digging about in the wonderful files over at Bolter & Chainsword on the history and details regarding the Salamanders chapter and their iconography and history.

A massive thanks to the guys over there for helping me out bigtime!
I have one more unit to complete for the Space Marine commission, it is a squad of Salamander's Sternguard veterans.
These chaps have been built out of Forgeworld resin parts and some bits I have scratch built, namely the Bolters.

These were made from Scout bolters with the hand and ammo clip shaved off and a clip made from Terminator Storm Bolter glued on in place, I think they look pretty much like the Special issue Bolters on the metal Sternguard models.

Stay tuned for an update as I get these fellas splashed with green.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mid winter madness!

From Blogger Pictures

As some of you may be aware the British winter has arrived and the snow!
Now where I live in the south of England we are lucky to get even a few inches of snow, but this week we have had about 12-15 inches.

It's caused chaos, the poor lorry driver in the above picture couldn't get his car moving so he brought the cab home, only to have it slide out of control up the kerb and get stuck in the soft verge.
I saw the Police man arrive and try to tow him out with the 4x4 but they seemed to be having no luck, off I went with my spade to see what could be done.
Alas not much, the lorry had dug its wheels right into the earth and the Police 4x4's clutch had failed .....oops!

Once back in the warm I thought i'd get some more done on the Space Marine commission:

From Space Marines

I have completed all the smaller components so far including the two cupolas and the two top plates and Hyperios launcher.

The launcher and cupolas are magnetzed to washers glued in the body of the Rhino chassis, whilst the top hatch's are done with a magnet to magnet connection.

More on this soon as it nears completion.