Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Space Wolves

Hello again,
I have some personal models for you this time, I have been beavering away over Christmas finishing off the last few guys for my Space Wolf force.
I am aiming to get 750points worth painted up by February so I can take part in a local doubles tournament, and then progress onto getting the full 1500points list complete.

This Grey hunter squad is the most commonly used squad so I have maxed it out with 8 Grey Hunters, a Meltagun, a Flamer, A Wolf Standard and my interpretation of the Mark of the Wulfen (a guy with a huge axe!) also thrown in the mix is the first of two Rune Priests (the second will be converted).

The tutorial for painting these guys can be found on the other blog I contribute to Space Wolves Grey please feel free to have a look around the site it's an amazing resource for new and old Space Wolf players.

To keep the momentum up on these I have signed up for the Heresy online army painting competition which should force me to get stuff done.

I also have some more juicy Salamanders commissions coming in as well, and a surprise Warhammer Fantasy model from ages past...........