Monday, 20 December 2010

Sternguard Complete, and the final post of 2010!

Seasons greetings everyone, I hope the bad weather isn't affecting you too much this Christmas!
I can't quite believe it's only a few days away, where does the time go!

Anyways I have put some serious time in today and got these fellas finished, alas as I type I have just realised I forgot to highlight the Black on the models, never fear though I'l get that done straight away!

I am really happy with how the freehand has come out, it's all thanks to some great articles over at F.T.W. namely the following, an excellent tutorial on Space marine lens's and this was superb for the freehand, there is a better link in Ron's tutorials but at the moment the link is broken, but it is there.

I've really enjoyed the freehand on these especially getting the numbers right on the kneepads, that was pretty cool to do that, and it's certainly taught me a thing or two!

Here is a closer view for those who like eye candy!
Once again a big thank you to all you Salamanders players out there your pictures in google search have been a great inspiration for these models.

And that leaves me to say goodbye to you in 2010! I hope you all have a great Christmas break and I'l be back on song in the new year for sure!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sternguard WIP

From Space Marines
Well it's not much to look at but it's all I have managed this week, it seems to be getting harder and harder to get decent time on the models.

These fellas are still only about 70% done, the left hand Marine has had all the green highlights done as a test to see how the colours work.
They still need the bone/parchment finishing and the little details, then I will have some freehand to do for the Veteran symbols on the shoulders, and the banner will have some flames running up it as well.

I am pleased with how they are coming along but I am still struggling to find a quick way of getting a good base that is easily shaded and then cleaned up without having to apply 2-3 coats of Snot Green.

I am thinking of trying a mix of Snot green and a foundation paint to give smooth single coat coverage, it's an issue that has plagued me for ages, I am not fast enough period!

This will be the last post until the new year I will post the finished pics here for everyone before I have a nice festive break.
And so to everyone who reads or posts here.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Whirlwind Hyperios complete

Hello Munky fans!

I will apologise for the long delay inbetween posts, I have been feindishly busy.....not with my hobby though!
Real life has been butting its ugly head into my free time lately and has hampered me doing anything in at any sort of pace.

But I got there in the end and finished the Whirlwind off, it has magnetized roof panels and cupolas so it can be used as a Rhino as well, these were as per the customers instructions.

I actually enjoyed this project mainly because I haven't fully completed many vehicles before and it taught me some very handy lessons, mainly that GW vehicle kits need a tonne of work before the joins look good, I had to break out the filler more than once.

And another thing I had to do some digging about in the wonderful files over at Bolter & Chainsword on the history and details regarding the Salamanders chapter and their iconography and history.

A massive thanks to the guys over there for helping me out bigtime!
I have one more unit to complete for the Space Marine commission, it is a squad of Salamander's Sternguard veterans.
These chaps have been built out of Forgeworld resin parts and some bits I have scratch built, namely the Bolters.

These were made from Scout bolters with the hand and ammo clip shaved off and a clip made from Terminator Storm Bolter glued on in place, I think they look pretty much like the Special issue Bolters on the metal Sternguard models.

Stay tuned for an update as I get these fellas splashed with green.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mid winter madness!

From Blogger Pictures

As some of you may be aware the British winter has arrived and the snow!
Now where I live in the south of England we are lucky to get even a few inches of snow, but this week we have had about 12-15 inches.

It's caused chaos, the poor lorry driver in the above picture couldn't get his car moving so he brought the cab home, only to have it slide out of control up the kerb and get stuck in the soft verge.
I saw the Police man arrive and try to tow him out with the 4x4 but they seemed to be having no luck, off I went with my spade to see what could be done.
Alas not much, the lorry had dug its wheels right into the earth and the Police 4x4's clutch had failed .....oops!

Once back in the warm I thought i'd get some more done on the Space Marine commission:

From Space Marines

I have completed all the smaller components so far including the two cupolas and the two top plates and Hyperios launcher.

The launcher and cupolas are magnetzed to washers glued in the body of the Rhino chassis, whilst the top hatch's are done with a magnet to magnet connection.

More on this soon as it nears completion.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Tyrannofex Complete

From Tyranids

Real life has been right in the way of me finishing this beasty, I apologise for the wait my friends.
It has been a blast to model and paint and I will have another Tyranid monstrosity for you soon.

From Tyranids

But in the meantime I have a small Space Marine commission to be getting on with, it's some Forgeworld Marines which are going to be Sternguard and a Whirlwind Hyperios.

From Space Marines

Stay tuned for more on this as the week goes on!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Smackdown Sunday #2

This week it is once again the grudge match between Neils Night Angels and my Space Wolves but this time we had time for 1500 pts, it's been a while since we fielded a game this big!

MISSION = Space Marines - Vangard (Battle Missions Book)
OPPONENT = Neil (Night Angels - Dark Angels)
ME = Space Wolves
POINTS = 1500

This battle was an excuse for me to try a full Drop Pod force for the first time, after the last game against Dagmire I was searching for a way to deliver the Wolves straight in at the enemy's throat!
Now I don't own 6 Drop Pods so I made some paper templates of the "petals" so we could judge the landing positions, it wasn't pretty but it worked well as a test!.

Onto the game:

Terminator + Dual Lightning Claws

Interrogator Chaplain
Terminator + Stormbolter + Crozius + Rosarius

Deathwing Terminators
1x Heavy Flamer + Chainfist
1x Apothicary + Dual Lightning Claws
1x Deathwing Banner + Dual Lightning Claws
2x Dual Lightning Claws

Deathwing Terminators
1x Power Weapon + Stormbolter
1x Powerfist + Stormbolter
1x Powerfist + Assault Cannon
2x Thunder Hammer + Stormshield

Deathwing Terminators
2x Thunder Hammer + Stormshield
2x Powerfist + Stormbolter
1x Powerfist + Assault Cannon

Venerable Dreadnought
Plasma Cannon
Dreadnought Close Combat Arm + Storm Bolter

1x Bolter
4x Heavy Bolters

1x Bolter
4x Heavy Bolters

Logan Grimnar

1x Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
2x Multi-meltas
3x Missile Launcher
Drop Pod

Wolfguard Terminators
1x Chainfist + Stormbolter
1x Stormshield + Power Weapon
1x Cyclone + Stormbolter = Power Weapon
2x Frostblade + Stormbolter
Drop Pod

1x Powerfist + Bolt Pistol
1x Mark of The wulfen
2x Combi-meltas
6x Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
Drop Pod

1x Powerfist + Bolt Pistol
1x Mark of The wulfen
2x Combi-meltas
6x Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
Drop Pod

Grey Hunters
6x Bolter + Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
Drop Pod

Grey Hunters
6x Bolter + Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
Drop Pod

I was the "Space marine" in this mission so I was the attacker and could place 1 objective after the Night Angel deployment.
Neil set up the Devastators one on the right hand hill and one in the left hand crater, the dreadnought was positioned in his back field and  Belial, Interrogator and chums just off to my left, the second Deathwing squad smack in the center of the board and the final squad in a line at the foot of the hill.

The objectives were in the center and right at the back, so I placed mine off to the right away from Belial and his fellows to buy me time.
The whole of my force was in reserve in their Drop Pods.

SW - I had first turn and brought in Logan and the Longfangs on my left flank to distract Belial for a few turns (I hoped!) the Wolfguard Terminators dropped into the center to contest the middle objective and the first 10 man Wolfguard squad dropped in between the right hand Deathwing squad and the Devastators on the hill.
Logan bestows Relentless onto the Longfangs so they can move and fire the heavy weapons, only one of the Multi-meltas kills a Terminator (I should have brought 5 doh!) my other two squads inflict 0 casualties on the Night Angel Terminators........a very, very bad start indeed!.

NA - Belial and mates move up and charge Logan and the Fangs, both Belial and the Chaplain are in base contact with Logan who gives his war shout ( helping the Wolfguard Terminators as well) Logan manages to wound the Chaplain twice and Belial once but Logan is killed and the Longfangs are wiped out!
The two Deathwing squads charge the Wolfguard Terminators 10 Vs 5! we both lose 4 Terminators but that means I am wiped out as well! ( oh dear that was a bit poop!)
The Devastators chew the 10 man Wolfguard up leaving a few alive as well.

SW - I receive the second Wolfguard 10 man squad and one of the Grey hunter squads as well, the Wolfguard drop in the center to help the first squad whilst the Grey Hunters drop on the right hand objective.
Once again my shooting is pap, though the last Deathwing Terminator from the central carnage is blown apart by Stormbolter fire from the Drop Pods.( I couldn't help but laugh at this)
The reduced Wolfguard assault the Devastators on the hill wiping them out and consolidating 6" back down the hill again.

NA - Belial and mates run around behind the central ruin to get back in the fight and the remaining Deathwing squad advance on my freshly dropped Grey Hunters over on the Right.
The Dreadnought's Plasma Cannon melts 4 from my newly arrived Wolfguard and the Deathwing charge the Grey Hunters wiping them out and consolidate 6" to trap my Wolfguard between them and the sprinting Belial.

SW - I don't receive the last squad Of Grey Hunters, I charge the Deathwing in the middle with the remnants of my Wolfguard killing all but 1 Assault Cannon Terminator, which means I am safe from shooting due to being locked.

NA - Belial keeps running behind the ruin drawing ever closer to the swirling melee in the middle, the Dreadnought hopes his Plasma Cannon will scatter off the Drop Pod into the Combat but it doesn't instead it blows the Stormbolter off (haha that will teach you to pull a "dick move") the lone Deathwing Terminator is ripped to bits by a frenzied Wulfen marine, one squad of Wolfguard head toward Belial to hold them off whilst the smaller squad back away to claim the right hand objective with their consolidation moves.

SW - The last Drop Pod and my remaining troop choice slams into the building just in front of the central objective meaning that I now hold 2 to Neils none! (it was a slim hope of victory at this point!)
The Wolfguard charge Belial and are slain ( I forgot he was Initiative 5! oops!)

NA - Faced with me controlling 2 objective Belial orders the Deathwing to head for the central objective whilst the Chaplain and himself head to the right to clear the other.
Enfilading fire from the Devastators on the right who have been without a target most of the game kill a few Grey Hunters and the Deathwing Run to contest the center objective, whilst Belial runs to contest the right hand one.

SW -I desperately charge the Grey Hunters into the Deathwing but they are slain, leaving Neil in control of the middle objective.

NA - Belial assaults the last remaining Space Wolves butchering them and contesting the right hand objective.

The game had to end there due to lack of time ( I didn't mind I wasn't gonna win with 5 Drop Pods either lol) with the Night Angels finally breaking a losing streak and mine becoming longer!

Neil - I wouldn't have changed much, maybe tried to hold 2 objectives rather than going for the same one Dave was gunning for, a few tactical errors were made such as putting Belial off to one side.
Other than that a great game and I sure had to think fast when surrounded with Drop Pods.

Munky - I should have picked all 5 Longfangs as Multi-meltas and dropped them in support of the other two squads on the right, hopefully clearing the middle to receive Belial's men later in the game.
Dropping them so close made it easier for Neil to remove them before they helped.
Another good point Neil raised was that my Drop Pods count as another 6 victory points in one of the missions!
I have walked away from this still a little lost as how best to deploy my marines, I may try a mixture of Pods and Rhinos next time, mixing the rapididity of Drop Pods with the mobility of Rhinos!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Smackdown Sunday #1

Well here it is the inaugural Smackdown post, I hope you enjoy the battle report and the picture I found, personally I almost wet myself laughing when I found this!

MISSION = Capture & Control
OPPONENT = Dagmire (Imperial Guard)
ME = Space Wolves
POINTS = 1250

This battle is between Dagmire's Imperial Guardsmen  and my Space Wolves(who are on a bit of a losing streak!).
I always enjoy playing Dagmire he has two fantastic painted armies namely Sisters of Battle and the aforementioned IG, I will be doing a Featured Friend post on this guy soon to show you the miniatures they are really mint.
Anyways onto the game:

Wolfguard Battle Leader
Terminator + Frostblade + Combi-melta

Arjac Rockfist
Terminator + Powerfist + Stormbolter
Terminator + Cyclone + Power Weapon + Stormbolter
Terminator + Power Weapon + Stormbolter
Drop pod

Grey Hunters (x3 squads)
Wolf Standard
7x Grey Hunters

3x Lascannon
2x Missile Launcher

Command squad
2x Meltaguns
2x Guardsmen
Officer of the fleet
Chimera + 2x heavy Bolters

Sly Marbo

Veteran squad A
Gunnery Sgt Harker
2x Meltaguns
1x Grenade launcher
Shotgun Guardsmen

Veteran squad B
Sgt with shotgun
2x Meltaguns
1x Heavy flamer
Lasgun Guardsmen
Chimera +Multilaser + Heavy Flamer

Veteran squad C
3x Grenade launcher
Auto cannon
Vox Caster
Lasgun Guardsmen

Veteran squad D
3x Sniper Rifles
Missile Launcher
Lasgun Guardsmen

3x Ratlings

Leman Russ Executioner + Lascannon + 2x Plasma Cannon sponsons

Valkyrie Vendetta

Dagmire started with two Guardsmen squads set up in the ruins on the right, the Snipers upstairs and the grenadiers on the ground, Ratlings were in the small ruin on the left with a Chimera and Guardsmen squad behind , Company Command  Chimera and Executioner tank hidden behind the ruin and the final Chimera tucked round the right hand side. Sargeant Harker and his special weapons squad infiltrate into the small building in the center off to the right hand side. Dagmire's objective is placed by the 2 Guardsman squads in the ruin .

I deployed the Long fangs on the top of the building on the left with a Grey Hunter squad in front and to the side and the third squad were forced to deploy off to the right side and would face a slog through the back field.
The Wolfguard Termnators and Wolfguard Battle leader would arrive on turn 1 via droppod.
My objective is placed in front of the Longfangs.

SW - I won first turn and promtly dropped the Wolfguard right in Dagmire's back field, unfortunately the Pod scattered and as the Terminators deployed Arjac Rockfist's mighty Thunderhammer was just out of range of the nearest Chimera though the Cyclone missile launcher did wreck it, the Battle leader who had separated from the squad fired his Combi-melta into the nearby Chimera Immobilising it.
The Longfangs must have been combing their beards because they hit nothing in the shooting phase, and the 3 grey Hunter squads advanced running to cover as much ground as possible.

IG - Harker and his men advance through the building and target the central Grey Hunters the fire from them Melta-ing a few, they then charge the Spacewolves who unceremoniously wipe them out in seconds!
The Guardsmen clamber from their immobilised tank and combine their fire with Plasma Cannon and Plasmagun shots from the Executioner into the Terminators only managing to drop 2 crucially Arjac is still alive!
The two Guardsmen squads in the central ruins by Dagmires objective open fire with Snipers and Krak grenades at the Longfangs killing 2. Both Spacewolf squads hold their nerve.

SW - The Longfangs have to move to restore squad coherency (note to self don't deploy in a thin line a spread out squad is better), the Battle Leader charges the disembarked Guardsmen slaying 4 but they hold and the combat is drawn.
Arjac finds his range and the Teleporting Thunderhammer smashes the Executioner turret to ruin, and in the ensuing charge he smashes the sponson off and leaves the crew stunned and shaken.
All three Grey Hunter squads advance and the central squad clear bits of Guardsmen from their Chainblades and run towards the next lot on Dagmires objective.

IG - The Guardsmen receive some reinforcements in the shape of a Vendetta which screams onto my left behind the Ratlings, The Ratlings and both squads guarding the objective AND the Vendetta unleash hell at the two beleaguered Grey Hunter squads in the center whittling them down to just 2 and 3 marines left and crucially pinning one squad..
The combat with the Battle Leader sees him slay just one man and the enemy hold again keeping him bogged down.

SW - The Longfangs who are now in position with combed beards promtly miss every shot at the Vendetta! (good job boys!), Battle Leader slay another Guardsman to no effect, the remaining Greyhunters and Arjac and his mate charge the Guardsmen on the lower floor around the objective slaying them all with no casualties.
The third Grey Hunter squad has now arrived in the center after a 3 turn jog to get there!

IG - Sly Marbo arrives just behind Arjac!, the Command squad move down the hill behind the Wolfguard Terminators with the right hand Chimera and the Vendetta moving into the center field as well.
Marbo throws his Demo charge at Arjac and the Command squad Meltaguns fire as well killing the Power weapon Terminator, but Arjac's blessed plate saves him, and once again every weapon in the Guard arsenal is thrown (oops sorry for the bad pun!) at the Grey Hunters leaving a Flamer marine standing Arjac is assaulted by the Command squad and he leaves the Commander and two Meltagunners alive they pass their morale as well. Battle Leader kills another lone Guardsman(I'm bored I bet you are lol).

SW - The belated Grey Hunters make their presence known by blowing the Chimera to scrap and half the Guardsmen inside as well, they then flee the Wolves in terror.
The Battle Leader final forces the Sargent and Meltagunner to flee as well, whilst the lone Flamer marine contests Dagmires objective.
The Longfangs Score a few hits on the Guardsmen left in the upper stories but they pass a heap of cover saves.
Arjac is finally bought to heel by the Command squad who consolidate in front of the last Space marine squad (great move there Dagmire!)

IG - A searing beam of coherent light plays across the Battle Leaders Terminator armour but he is unharmed much to the Executioners crew's chagrin, Marbo finished off the Flamer marine in hand to hand and the remaining Grey Hunter squad is once again punished buy the Vendetta and Guardsmen leaving 2 alive.

SW - The Longfangs and the last flamer marine and Wolfguard Sargent fire at Dagmires Guardsmen and kill 5 but their nerve holds and they are now out of charge range through some clever wound allocation.

IG - the Battle Leader is brought down with Sniper fire from the Ratlings and the last 2 marines are slain by Sniper and Krak missile fire from the Guardsmen.

The roll for turn 6 is made but alas the game ends, with the Imperial Guard holding their home objective and the Wolves left with the under achieving Longfangs!

Dagmire - Man of the match I feel should go to either the Ratlings or the Sniper Guardsmen who through Rending hits and Pinning slowed the Wolves right down allowing me more time to deal with them at range.
As for what I would have done differently I should have been more wary of the Drop pod and brought the executioner in from Reserve instead of leaving it open to assault, and the Officer of the Fleet would have assisted this.

Munky - Well I feel that the deployment type is very hard to get around when you have a footslogging army, and maybe the third squad would have been better off moving down the left near the ratlings.
MOTM will go to Arjac for getting the crucial damage in on the Executioner which was the real bane of my marines.
Other than that I am still struggling with delivering the marines to their targets (mainly close assault) in sufficient numbers?

Thanks for reading and as always your comments and insight are welcome.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

New ideas! changes to the blog.

From Painting Munky Style

Hello again guys and girls,
I have been giving some thought to the content of the blog and where it should go, and to that end I would like to introduce some new ideas/features I am planning.....

Smackdown Sunday!
Now this isn't a WWE column so don't worry! it will be a regular feature on a Sunday where I will post any battle reports for the week previously, I will endeavour to write the reports in a simplified yet interesting manner.
They will include the thoughts behind my army choice and the tactics I chose as well as a conclusion for both my opponent and myself.

I hope that will be sufficient and as always any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

Featured Friend!
This will be a fairly irregular post about my gaming buddies/opponents and their armies/modelling projects, this will allow them to add some different content to the blog making it more interesting! yippee!

I will do a little question and answers session with them to get a feel for their army, why they chose it and how they play.
Once again if their are any questions you would like asked please post them here and I will include them.

Obviously real life has an increasing habbit of ruining my best laid battle plans so don't expect content every week but I will do my best.

This is pretty obvious what will go here, but I will share the tips and tricks I have learnt over the course of my hobby and any future stuff that fits the bill.

The content will be rated as to how hard I perceive it to be from a new hobbyist point of view, and it will be explained in a clear and concise manner( well as best as I can manage !!)

Well that's all for today folks, I hope you like the ideas and I'l see you soon.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Tyrannofex sculpting complete...ready for paint.

From Tyranids

Finally I have this beasty finished!

It's ready for primer and then paint, I am once again using the modified Leviathan scheme seen HERE so at least you have some idea of how it will look, once it's primered I will fix any problem areas(it's easier to see when all once colour)

From Tyranids

Here is another picture for scale purposes, the base I made by copying the Trygon base and the detail on the ruined Rhino door was from the "how to paint tanks" book from GW.

I will be going into detail on some of the techniques I have learned from doing in a series of Tutorials in the near future.

Anyhoo I'l see ya soon after some frantic late night.........painting!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Tyrannofex part - 2

Hi Munky fans,
As you can see I have completed 99% of the sculpting and modelling on the T-fex, I'm just waiting on some ideas from the client as to the base and what he wants on it.
I am going to wait until the model is primered before I decide on what to do with the openings on the guns, that will allow me to see the model as a whole much easier.

This has been a tiring sculpt but I have learn't loads of new tricks whilst doing it and I reckon the next one will be much faster.
In other news I have made my fist RTV silicon mould and it will be ready to test on Sunday afternoon, fingers crossed it will work and I can start to produce my own parts like Boneswords etc!

Stay tuned and your comments are eagerly awaited!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tyrannofex part-1

Hi everyone, I have made some progress on the Tyrannofex over the last few days as you can see.
It's still very WIP but I'm getting a feel for the shapes and detail needed on this monster.

It's been very difficult to get it all into the right pose but its getting there, though I am getting frustrated with waiting for putty to dry! I have resorted to leaving him in the airing cupboard ontop of the boiler to speed things up!
I have begun working on the Bonesabres for the Swarmlord which is next, I have ordered some casting supplies so I can hopefully cast four of the sabres, I certainly don't want to sculp/carve them one took me a few hours!
More on that in the coming weeks, I will post a tutorial on the casting process, I trained as a modelmaker at college and hopefully there is still some knowlege in the sponge I call a brain!

See ya all soon.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

It's Hallows Eve.........Boo!

This little fella is the beginnings of the Tyrannofex I mentioned last week, it is still very work in progress but I think you can see where its going.

I am using the images from the Tyranid codex to get reference and some of the other conversions online, I will be using a lot of the elements from the Biovore,Pyrovore and Tyranids weapons when it comes to sculping the details.

The following horrific picture is my attempt to show what I will eventually do to this guy:
You were warned LOL!

Any comments and suggestions are welcome as always.


Friday, 29 October 2010

Crystal Brush Awards announced for Adepticon! $10,000 1st Place Prize

I know this is on the other side of the pond, but I am actually amazed that something like this could happen!
I mean seriously we are all Geeks (no offense intended folks) but this kind of event is, I think a major step for the hobby and for modellers and painters around the world to stand up and be counted.

If you claimed first prize at this, you could without a doubt say you are recognised as the NO:1 artist in America.

What do you all think about this?

The only thing I am 100% sure of, is the models are gonna be incredible!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Batrep 1000pts Space Wolves Vs Night Angels

Hi folks Munky back again with another battle report, once again it is my Space Wolves Vs Neil's Night Angels.

This time round we are playing a mission from the Battle Missions book called: BLACK CRUSADE!
Neil won the roll to be the Chaos Marine stand-ins for this mission, which meant he deployed first and on a 2+ got first turn.
The main cool rules about this mission is it's Kill Points and any non-vehicle unit destroyed can come back on from reserve the next turn!.


Rune Priest
Runic Weapon + Bolt Pistol

Wolfguard Battle Leader
Frost Blade + Stormshield + Thunderwolf + 2x Fenrisian Wolves

Thunderwolf Cavalry
1x Bolt pistol + Powerfist
1x Chainsword + Stormshield

Wolfguard terminators
1x Frostblade + Stormbolter
1x Chainfist + Stormbolter
1x Powerweapon + Stormbolter + Cyclone Missile Launcher
3x Powerweapon + Stormbolter

Grey Hunters
1x flamer
1x Meltagun
8x Bolter + Chainsword

Grey Hunters
1x flamer
1x Meltagun
8x Bolter + Chainsword

Total  = 998


Forceweapon + Bolt Pistol

Venerable Dreadnought
Missile Launcher + Twin-linked Lascannon

2x Plasmacannon
2x lascannon
8x Bolter

Tactical Squad
1x Plasma Pistol
1x Plasmagun
1x Plasmacannon
7x Bolter

Tactical Squad
1x Plasma Pistol
1x Plasmagun
1x Plasmacannon
7x Bolter

TOTAL = 1000


NA - Neil set his 10 man Tactical Squad up in the crater to my right with the Venerable Dreadnought supporting them, the second Tactical Squad was combat squadded and the Plasmacannon was positioned on the first floor of the building with the Sargeant and Plasmagun in the center, one combat squad from the Devastators was set up on the top floor with 2x Plasmacannons whilst the second with the Lascannons deployed in the left most ruin along with the librarian.

SW - I plonked both Grey Hunter squads in the center spaced apart to minimise casualties from the huge amount of Plasma sure to rain down on them, the Terminators took the right hand side in the trees, and the Thunderwolves and Battle Leader took the left, the Rune Priest was in the center so he could cast the 5+ cover save over the two squads if needed.

NA - Zero movement from the Angels as expected Neil was going to blast me to bits in his first turn....and he did just that melting a terminator and 4 marines from either squad and the two Wolves following the Battle Leader, luckily all the units passed their morale checks and it was game on!
SW - I moved everything forwards, the two Grey Hunter squads now had a 4+ coversave from the vents in the middle, everything ran except the Terminators who fired two Frag missiles into the 10 man Tacticals opposite....missing with both aargh!

NA - No movement again from Neil but this time his shooting was dire, only managing to kill another Terminator with a Lascannon and wounding the Thunderwolf with the Stormshield.
SW - The Thunderwolves are in range of the Devastators and promtly tear them to bits, the crafty Librarian had retreated earlier in the turn, everything else advanced straight ahead, the Rune Priests squad rapid fire into the % man combat squad in the middle killing 3 with the aid of Freki & Geri the wolf spirits summond by the Priest, in assault they finish off the combat squad. 2-0 SW.

NA - The Devastators walk back on in the center to support the rest of their brothers from the imminent charge of the Thunderwolves (the scenario rules allowed this), their fire even with the Plasmacannons and bolters from the squads in the building do no damage to the squad(phew thanks for Stormshields eh!) Another 2 Terminators die from withering rapid fire from the 10 man Tac. squad.
SW - The Terminators kill the offending Plasmacannon and them charge the 10 man squad killing 5 but they hold, the Grey Hunters not with the Rune Priest charge the Dreadnought but only stun it with Krak grenades, the Rune Priests squad fail to charge through cover into the building whilst the Thunderwolves charge and massacre the Devastator combat squad again losing the Stormshield Thunderwolf.. 3-0 SW.

NA - The Devastators and the combat squad come back on right infront of the Thunderwolves desperate to slow their murderous charge, their rapid fire wounds the Powerfist Thunderwolf, the Venerable Dreadnought slay one of the pesky Space Wolves clambering all over him but is stunned again, Terminators kill another 2 from the Tactical squad but the hold their nerve.
SW - The Wolfguard kill of the Tacticals finally, Rune Priest finishes off the combat squad he was trying to charge last turn but the last Grey Hunter falls, The Battle Leader and Powerfist Thunderwolf splatter 7 marines from the multiple combat behind the building and the Lone Night Angel Sargeant flees the combat, The dreadnought and Hunters draw their combat. 5-1 SW.

NA - The 10 man squad reappear by the Termainators and their rapidfire and some help from the Devastators in the building finally slay the Wolfguard, in assult the Dreadnoght combat is a draw again!, Battle Leader and the Librarian both swing at the same time, the psyker having charged into the melee in the middle, both character take wounds and the Librarian seizes his chance .... he channels all his rage into his force weapon and tries to instant death the Battle Leader but he draws too much power and is possesed by a denizen of the warp and dies!(oops! not a good time to roll double 6!!)The Devastators flee off the table after losing the combat. 8-2 SW.
SW - The Venerable Dreadnought loses an arm to the Hunters, the RunePriest is wounded and the Thunderwolves crush the tactical combat squad to end the game. 9-2 SW

Well that went well didn't it!, I must confess to being very very worried about all that Plasma facing me, the only thing that saved me from becoming fried chicken was the scenery in the middle and the sheer speed of  the Thunderwolves( I only found out this game that Cavalry have fleet of foot!) Once again they are proving to be an extremely nasty unit easily capable of tearing up a whole flank on their own!
I think Neil did his best to try and stop them but I think the small size of his squads made it too hard to do any meaningful damage back.

What are your views on this game a how would you have played it differently?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tyranid Prime II

Hello folks,
I am back from my holiday in Lanzarote, I had a very nice time with the wife and some friends and I will most certainly go back, the weather there was really nice compared to the miserable old UK!

Enough about me, I have begun work on the second Tyranid Prime for Sandy in New Zealand, this one is being modelled with 2x Boneswords and Rending Claws and as such I decided to pose it charging across the battlefields in search of its next victim.

I will admit that posing a model with 6 limbs is interesting because you end up with 2 left after posing it running! very hard to figure them all out at once!

The Space Marine helmet on the base is a small nod to one of his opponents and will be painted to match their army, I decided to make a ruined wall on the base by cutting some balsa wood strip into "bricks" and Green stuffing the mortar in between.

The model as a whole is a little more streamlined than the first to show it's agile nature, I thought I'd add some mandibles as a small nod to the Raveners, and the little spikes from my Trygon kit are still coming in useful here and there.

Stay tuned for the complete model,  I expect to have it finished and painted by sometime next week, though I have a battle report being posted on Monday.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tyranid Prime complete

Well here it is the first Prime, I have really enjoyed scratch building this little fella and painting him.

I will be starting work on the second one when I get back from my Holiday, the second prime will be of a simmilar design and will use the last of the odds and ends left from my Trygon kit.

I think that a different style Lashwhip and Bonesword are in order too, I will be working on this in about 2 weeks time upon my return.

I have packed the latest 3 Horus Heresy books with me so I have some cool reading materiel whilst im sipping  a nice cold beer by the pool, anyways I shall see ya all soon.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Tyranid Prime Part II

Hello again folks, sorry for the delay in posting but real life has been getting in the way a bit.
Still I have managed to get some more done on the Tyranid Prime I have completed the Greenstuff work on the body and legs and have sculpted a nice big Brain for him!
The head is made from a Warrior crest and a Genestealer face with some Greenstuff Brainz,

I followed this excellent tutorial from Hydra on how to make Boneswords and lashwhips, I actually used the lash whip idea to make the tail more interesting.

All I have left to do now is join the body and head with a suitable neck and its ready for paint.
I have started on the second Prime now I have the idea straightened out with this little fella.
Stay tuned for the painted version coming soon.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Hiveguard finished and a surprise!

Well here they are finally! man real life can be a right pain in the ass when your trying to get work done, but at least I got there in the end.

I chose to wash one of them a little darker so there was some variation in the brood, mainly due to GW in there wisdom making only one pose and model!

The bases have a little scorched grass and some MIG weathering powders on the junk metal to give a rusted look.

What do you guys think?


A Tyranid Prime, now this guy is very WIP so be gentle on me lol.

The basic idea I had was to make a mini Tyrant and a model that was more ornate and different to a Warrior.
I hope the "spines" on the back give the impression of greater synapse control, along with the more upright pose showing enhanced self awareness within the swarm.

The Bonesword and lash whip are just mockups of the final pieces, but I hope you get the gist.
I am a bit worried about the head, I want a different face and larger brain in there too, your thoughts?

C&C especially welcome

Friday, 17 September 2010

Batrep 1000pt Space Wolves vs Night Angels(Dark Angels)

I thought I'd share a recent 1000pt game with my friend Neil, he has a sizeable space marine force which he has designed, they are a successor chapter from the Dark Angels called the Night Angels.

Our usual gaming group of 4 meet up and each play a 750pt list with an ally, randomly generated each week, this is mainly due to time constraints and so that we all get involved in a game at least once a week.
This time it was just a clash between the Wolves and the Angels!
The list I used was my usual 750pt Space Wolves with some extra bits added on, Neil ran a bespoke list for the day.

Space Wolves
Rune Priest - Bolt Pistol + Runic Weapon + Meltabombs
Wolf Guard x3 - Bolt Pistol + Powerfist
Wolf Scouts x5 - Meltagun
Grey Hunters x6 - Meltagun + Wolf Standard
Grey Hunters x6 - Meltagun + Wolf Standard
Grey Hunters x6 - Meltagun + Wolf Standard
Long Fangs x5 - Leader + 3x Missile Launchers + Lascannon
*Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon + Missile Launcher
*Rhino x2 - Hunter Killer Missile
(* denotes extra above usual 750 pt army)

Night Angels
Ezekial - Mastercrafted Bolt Pistol + Mastercrafted Force Weapon + Artificer armour
Veteran Squad x5 - Lightning Claws(pair) x5 + Meltabombs x2
Tactical Squad x10 - Plasma Pistol, Plasmagun, Plasma Cannon, Power Weapon, Meltabombs
Tactical Squad x10 - Meltagun, Lascannon, Meltabombs
Razorback - Storm Bolter, hunter Killer Missile, extra Armour

We decided to play a random mission from the Battle Missions book and as such the Eldar mission "Mobile Defence" was rolled with me (Wolves) playing the part of the Eldar.
The mission involved 4 objectives placed around the center mass of the map, with one stuck out in the back field.
I had to deploy first with Neil taking the first turn.

I deployed the Rune priest (RP) and his Grey Hunters (GH) in the center with the second squad as backup both in Rhinos, the other Rhino was setup on the right to move for the objective in the ruin and the Long Fangs (LF) were in the upper storeys of the building in my half, the Scouts I infiltrated to better offset Neils deployment (I was not allowed to use reserves in this game)

Neil broke his Tacticals into combat squads, and placed the Lascannon in the ruin on the hill and the Plasma Cannon opposite my Rune Priest, the two special weapon squads faced off in the center and his Veterans (VET) and Ezekial (EZ) were in the Razorback on my right.
I infiltrated the Scouts to balance me out against the razorback.

N.A. - The lascannon fires from the ruin and stuns the Dreadnought and the Meltagun from the second Combat squad Stuns the right hand Rhino at range.
S.W.- The RP casts Storm Caller, EZ fails to nullify it, and the Rhino he is in drives into the center and the GH disembark and combine their rapid fire with the LF to kill a few Night Angels opposite, the Scouts calmly jog forward amd Meltagun the Razorback blowing it to bits! the resulting wreckage kills 3 of the VETS!

N.A. - The Angels retreat from the center but their fire is ineffective again, other than the Lascannon stunning the Dreadnught again!,  Ezekial and the VETS dispose of the Scouts and score some Meltabomb hits on the Rhino immobilising it and destroying the Hunter Killer.
S.W. - The RP separates from his squad allowing them to move up, The shooting from the wolves is poor and the RP casts Storm Caller again and the third GH squad relocate to the rearward objective.

N.A. - The lone Tactical Sargeant charges into the GH in the center his charge and resultant Plasma fire kills off 4 GH, he dies at the Wolfguards hands! EZ cast Hellfire on the GH killing 2 and then charges in slaying the whole squad on his own! And the Lascannon stuns the Dreadnought AGAIN! Dammit!!
S.W. - The GH claim both middle objectives and get back in their Rhino and rejoin the RP, the third squad claim the rear objective, and fire from the LF causes the last of Neils combat squad to flee.

N.A. - The Lascannon finally finds a weakness and vaporises the Dreadnought! (At last-Neil!!) Plasma Cannon regroups and melts the LF sargeant.
S.W. - The third GH squad move forward into the crater and rapidfire at the remaing 4 Night Angels in the building...riddling all 4 with bolt shells!(5 failed saves on 5 dice - oops), the RP is shut down by EZ again and fails to cast Living Lightning, The Plasma Cannon is killed off by the LF.

N.A.- Lascannon blows up the RP Rhino though the GH are ok as they stumble from the wreck, EZ charges the GH and carves up 3 alas the last 2 VETS die and the Wolves nerve holds for a draw, EZ is on his own at last.
S.W. - Shooting fails, Psychic fails (damn you EZ!) He slices up 2 more GH and is smacked by the powerfist from the Wolfguard, in a desperate attempt to save himself he casts Force Barrier but the wily RP nullifies it and Ezekial dies at last!.The Wolf Guard tries to consolidate for the 3rd objective but falls short.

Game ends in a 2-0 victory for the Space Wolves.
OMG! I thought Neils bad dice rolling had sealed the game, boy I was was wrong Ezekial was a monster on his own, god knows how awful he would have been with all 5 Veterans and their Lightnig Claws!.
I felt the Wolves held well, but I was a bit mifed with the Dreadnought sitting there stunned all game but at least it tied up the Lascannon.

All in all a great game, and good entertainment whilst the WAGS were out shopping, then it was off down the pub for some well earned beers and grub.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hiveguard complete and the first painted model on the blog!!

Well here it is people the first fully painted model on the blog!

Sandy the customer sent me some pictures of the Hive fleet Leviathan to copy the scheme from, I am really pleased with how its come out.
Personally I think the change from white to bone coloured "skin" helps to tie the colours together better.
This has been the first model I have painted for ages and it's been a blast, just got another two to do now I have the colours finalised.

For those of you interested the colours used are as follows:

SKIN - 1/1 Dheneb Stone/Bleached Bone washed with a 3/2 Gryphonne Sepia/Devlan Mud (aka Nid wash!)

GUN - 1/1 Mechrite Red/Scab Red washed with Nid wash and highlighted Blood Red.

CARAPACE - 1/1 Hormagaunt Purple/Chaos Black feathered with Liche Purple, 1/1Liche Purple/Fortress Grey, Fortress Grey.

Baal Red wash was used to pick out the ribbed areas and his mouth.

I hope you like it and I'd love to hear your comments!

Friday, 10 September 2010

New Killzone rules

Big Jim over at Galaxy in flames has done it again!
He has written an absolutely cracking set of rules to play skirmsh style games set in the Warhammer 40k universe.
I will be trying the new version out this weekend and will let you know what I think.
I heartily recommend you check out his blog and what he does you won't be disapointed.

Hiveguard started

Yesterday the Tyranids arrived from the helpful chaps down at  TOTAL WARGAMER and I have started work on the three Hiveguard.

The customer wanted a muddy ruined urban style base so I had a rummage in the bits box for some scrap parts to add a little detail to their bases, I built these up at work Thursday night and will be starting the paint today.
I have not seen these models up close before and I am impressed with the detail and quality of them, they should be a blast to paint.

I will be painting these in the Purple Hive Fleet Leviathan scheme.

Stay tuned for an update on the painting.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Tyranids commission

I have just secured a new commission from a very friendly chap from Newzealand for some Tyranids, he is after a Warrior Prime with Bonesword and lashwhip and some Hiveguard and a Tyrannofex!.

I have long been a fan of Tyranids and I'm really looking forward to doing some gribbly conversions for the Prime and T-fex.
The models should arrive soon so I have been browsing the web for Bonesword ideas and I must say the conversions I have seen are very impressive, it should be a good challenge to relicate some of these cool ideas with a Munky twist of course!

Stay tuned for updates later this week.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Fixed the PC and gained an Xbox......whoops!

I have managed to get the PC fixed with a nifty purchase of a replacement graphics card from Ebay, so posting shall resume from home again Phew that was quite stressfull!!

Also it was my birthday yesterday and I got a shiney new Xbox shaped toy Whoop!
Anyways i've been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it's awesome, once I get that out my system it's back onto the Space Wolves and my Commission work.

Updates soon to follow.