Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Super Dungeon first game.

Hello again and welcome back,

This unfortunately will be the last post on here for a good while due to me moving home, it's been 11 long stressful months of chasing potential buyers and quite frankly awful solicitors but we are there finally.

Have no fear I will return to the hobby, after all 6th edition is right around the corner and I will be sure to play that at some point, where am I going with this....well I shall be constructing a new man cave in the new house!
At long last all my hobby tools will be together with my paints and supplies, and I can get that airbrush setup properly in a spray booth.....heaven!

But enough of the future and back to the recent past!

This is the merry band of heroes painted by Adam and myself for his SDE box set, how awesome do they look! I absolutely loved these as a mini project, they were a blast to's all about the eyes as soon as you get them done they just come alive.

At the time of this picture Adam had everything painted but 1 Ogre and the Dragon, almost the complete set and don't they look good.

We settled down to play a game (my first) and I found it easy to pick up, if a little crazy remembering how many dice each hero gets for various actions, the game flows really well and gets seriously tough once the Ogres and Dragons pop out to play.

In the end the Paladin was slain quickly followed by the Elven Archer babe,leaving just the little Dwarf to take on the Dragon........he failed and was toast!

Had a fantastic game and it was cool to play with painted stuff as well, congrats to Adam for the finished set.

Right that's all from me for a while, I will see you on the other side of 6th edition bigger and better!

Take care peoples


Friday, 22 June 2012

Dropzone Commander Diorama complete

There it is my first diorama!
All I wish is that I had more time to spend on it but I am right in the middle of moving house infact I move in two days!

These are the buggies I opted for an urban scheme featuring panels of grey, white and blue.

And the Shaltari Warstrider, not sure if I got the OSL right on the main gun but it's as good as I can do in the current time frame.

This picture is just to show you the size of the units compared to a 5 pence piece for scale.

The whole build was very different to how I would usually approach a model, and taught me that you have to add so much more detail to a diorama to get it looking "right".

Thanks people i'm off to decorate and pore over the 6th edition rulebook this wekend!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Dropzone Commander Update

Welcome back to another fun packed edition, the update so far on the diorama is that its built and the units are painted at last........phew!
I went for an urban camouflage on the UCM Wolverine Scout Buggies judging that future humans would still use camouflage as a method of avoiding detection.

And on the Shaltari Ocelot Warstrider I chose a suitably alien scheme with some OSL for it's main beam cannon.

Once it's all dry a quick coat of varnish and they are done, onto the building at last.
I may still chance a few details on the Warstrider to pimp it up a bit but not sure what!
 Stay tuned for more.....

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dropzone Commander!

Hello Munky fans I am back with a bang!

I managed to snag some pre-release models from Hawk wargames up coming future sci-fi game Dropzome Commander.
David kindly sent me an Ocelot warstrider and 4 Wolverine Scout Buggies from the Shaltari Tribes and United colonies of Man factions respectively as well as a building to play with.

The Warstrider is a nice kit the legs are posable and the weapons are all push fit so a small magnet in the fitting will allow full rotation of the body, cockpit and main weapon.

The scout buggies are the same the turrets just push in place.

The building has superb detail and is very well proportioned for the miniature which are 10mm scale.

The models have a ridiculous level of detail, they are covered in vents and lights and only had  a few air bubbles in odd places which were filled with Liguid greenstuff or squadron putty.

The resin is flexible and easily worked with a file or knife and glues nice with superglue as well.
Overall I am impressed with the kits and they knock the socks of GW's crapcast, very pleasant to work with.

I am planning on a diorama to showcase the models, it will be an urban setting with the official looking building as a back drop, and the buggies have stumbled upon the mighty Warstrider...a David and Goliath moment!
The building will be raised up somewhat on steps and there will be a pavement and road added in as well as other details.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestion please