Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lone Wolf and Friends.

Well here he is all finished, this is the first Terminator for my Space Wolves as well which is a cool milestone to have.
I enjoyed painting this guys as a single model, the rest of my Wolves have been painted in batches.
It was a nice break from the norm.
He is not alone I have started work on some Fenrisian Wolves made from Chaos warhounds, I cut all the spikes and general weirdness off and have tried to sculpt some ears and a tail on one as a test figure.
Please let me know what you think on the placement of the ears etc, any tips are seriously welcome too
I am still a novice when it comes to sculpting!
The pic below is an indication on their size compared to other models.


  1. Can you tell us how you painted him and which washes you used over which base colours?

    I'm keen to borrow your techniques to keep my Super Dungeon Explore and High Elves nice and bright.

  2. Sorry I was a little short in that post, I confess to being more than a little tired!

    A painting guide covering what I do and how I do it can be found by visiting here