Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dropzone Commander!

Hello Munky fans I am back with a bang!

I managed to snag some pre-release models from Hawk wargames up coming future sci-fi game Dropzome Commander.
David kindly sent me an Ocelot warstrider and 4 Wolverine Scout Buggies from the Shaltari Tribes and United colonies of Man factions respectively as well as a building to play with.

The Warstrider is a nice kit the legs are posable and the weapons are all push fit so a small magnet in the fitting will allow full rotation of the body, cockpit and main weapon.

The scout buggies are the same the turrets just push in place.

The building has superb detail and is very well proportioned for the miniature which are 10mm scale.

The models have a ridiculous level of detail, they are covered in vents and lights and only had  a few air bubbles in odd places which were filled with Liguid greenstuff or squadron putty.

The resin is flexible and easily worked with a file or knife and glues nice with superglue as well.
Overall I am impressed with the kits and they knock the socks of GW's crapcast, very pleasant to work with.

I am planning on a diorama to showcase the models, it will be an urban setting with the official looking building as a back drop, and the buggies have stumbled upon the mighty Warstrider...a David and Goliath moment!
The building will be raised up somewhat on steps and there will be a pavement and road added in as well as other details.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestion please



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  2. Please post more building photos.