Saturday, 19 October 2013

Custodes complete

Morning bloggers,
I,ve managed to get the Custodes finished off with a few alterations to suit the customers requests.
First off was an airbrush with Gehenna's gold over Army Painter black base primer.

Next Khorne red was used on the crests and robes and Ulthuan grey on the stone base with Stirland Mud texture around the edges.

Next the Shields were filled in with Chaos black (Abaddon black is uselessly thin)

Then I washed the whole figure and base with Agrax earth shade mised witha drop of Ardcoat to extend the drying time and prevent bad tide marks.
The red was higlighted up through Evilsuns Scarlet to Kindleflame and the Gold overbrushed with Gehenna's Gold and Auric armour with a small final highlight of Runefang steel.

The power weapons were based with a mix of Temple Guard blue and Ulthuan grey, then shaded with the same mix with a little more TGB finally with black.
Then highlighted up with white to finish.(it's my first attempt at this so pretty chuffed)

looking good as a squad!

Final choice was to add some more black on the Pauldrons and front armour to break up the gold a bit.
Overall these were a joy to paint the Scibor kits seem nice to work with and paint.
Stay tuned for some showcase picture, I am in the progress of organising some themed backdrops to shoot Showcase pictures against.

Till next time.


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