Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tyranid Prime II

Hello folks,
I am back from my holiday in Lanzarote, I had a very nice time with the wife and some friends and I will most certainly go back, the weather there was really nice compared to the miserable old UK!

Enough about me, I have begun work on the second Tyranid Prime for Sandy in New Zealand, this one is being modelled with 2x Boneswords and Rending Claws and as such I decided to pose it charging across the battlefields in search of its next victim.

I will admit that posing a model with 6 limbs is interesting because you end up with 2 left after posing it running! very hard to figure them all out at once!

The Space Marine helmet on the base is a small nod to one of his opponents and will be painted to match their army, I decided to make a ruined wall on the base by cutting some balsa wood strip into "bricks" and Green stuffing the mortar in between.

The model as a whole is a little more streamlined than the first to show it's agile nature, I thought I'd add some mandibles as a small nod to the Raveners, and the little spikes from my Trygon kit are still coming in useful here and there.

Stay tuned for the complete model,  I expect to have it finished and painted by sometime next week, though I have a battle report being posted on Monday.

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