Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tyranid Prime complete

Well here it is the first Prime, I have really enjoyed scratch building this little fella and painting him.

I will be starting work on the second one when I get back from my Holiday, the second prime will be of a simmilar design and will use the last of the odds and ends left from my Trygon kit.

I think that a different style Lashwhip and Bonesword are in order too, I will be working on this in about 2 weeks time upon my return.

I have packed the latest 3 Horus Heresy books with me so I have some cool reading materiel whilst im sipping  a nice cold beer by the pool, anyways I shall see ya all soon.


  1. Looks good.
    I'm always amazed when I sculpt stuff at how much painting improves the sculpting. Most of the time, you only need to get close with your sculpting and the paint does the rest.
    Nice work on this guy.

    From the Warp

  2. I like him,but his whip needs to dynamic motion to it. Right now it looks...limp.

  3. Thanks Adam, Ron.
    I will try a more dynamic pose for the next model, as always I try to push and learn something new with each model I do.

    Any suggestions for the second one? it will be armed identically.

  4. Wow that looks nice. Like I've said before I really like the ripper included in the lash whip!