Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Chaos Dwarf Sorceror on Lammisu

Well Munky fans there it is, the secrets out this is what I've been secretly getting ready to paint!

It is a fantastic OOP model and I am quite chuffed to be painting it, as I would never have thought to buy let alone collect a Chaos Dwarf army!

I have filled the joins with GS and added magnets into the wing joints so there is less chance of them being damaged and he should be  a doddle to store safely.
The only progress other than primer is below, I have painted the Sorceror to match the customers army colours, I haven't tried painting models in component parts before and I am definately seeing the benefits on this figure. (the red plastic bit you can see in the photos is a small repair I had to do to the banner poles)
I decided to try for purple gems on the staff to add that mystical touch to the figure as he is fairly plain, I also thought to try out some verdigris on the brass bits, which came out well I think.

Anywho stay tuned for more as the week goes on.

Munky out.

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  1. That dude looks so cool painted nicely! So cool actually I am tempted to start re-painting my old school CD army!