Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Chaos Dwarf Sorceror on Lammisu complete

Well here he is!
Now I know from some of my friends opinions that the model is a bit like marmite....either you love it or you hate it...I love it personally.
It's been an interesting departure from Marines, and as such I have totally enjoyed the challenge it presented.
I wish that GW would pick up with this race once more as they are quirky and quite humourous too.
But that said I must look forward to my own future, there have been secret plans in motion for a good few months now and they are nearing fruition!

Ha ha I feel like an evil boss now gloating over my cunning plan..........all will be revealed in the coming months, stay tuned for little sneak peeks along the way.


  1. Hey, take heart - Chaos Dwarves are a lot more likely to be picked up by a company than Brutal Forest Eldritch Celestial Dark Dark Elves.

  2. Great job! I'm quite the fan of the chaos dwarves, though admittedly the older spiky ones. The Lammasu's pelt is very nicely done, top model overall.

  3. Make those banners double sided! A model like that deserves the attention.

    Ron, From the Warp

  4. Aw man I can't its been sent out.

  5. Still think the model looks like it has downs

  6. If that's you Mr Dagmire your comments make me laugh and wee a little!