Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hello once again.......I am still alive........just!

I would like to apologize for dropping off the face of the Earth for a while, sorry guys!
I had a real kick in the sacks (figuratively speaking that is), with my day job being cut back to 4 shifts and my overtime being cut, put my whole mortgage and the life I was accustomed to was suddenly gone!

Then I received the news that my Nan had been diagnosed with that most discusting of illnesse's..cancer! the same thing that took my mother from me only 2 years ago.
Sadly she only lasted 3 weeks from the diagnosis, god rest her soul.

I have since then found another day job working with my brother in law and we have got life back on track, though it's not quite as bright and interesting as it was.

I will be returning to the world of miniatures and painting, and to ease my way in and lighten the mood I went to Salute 2011 at the Excel centre.

The following Photos are not mine but they really showcase the show, and I would like to thank the chap who took them for doing such a thorough job. (I really need a new camera my photos were pants!)

I really enjoyed the day out and even met a few friends from The Overlords and I was even interviewed for their show podcast!!
I will definately go next year with more cash, it's a fantastic place to see a tonne of game systems on display as well as more figures than you can shake a stick at.

stay tuned for more updates.

All the best Munky


  1. Sorry for your loss, you have my condolences. The loss gets easier with time my friend.

    Real life always takes precedence over toy soldiers. We will be here when you get back into the swing of things.

    I look forward to hearing you on the Overlords.


  2. I wouldn't get too excited it was very brief.
    But I will definately be back for more!

    And thankyou for the kind comments mate.