Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blood Angels Death Company completed

Welcome one and all to another update from the Painting Munky, this time I have for you the completed 10 strong Death Company Squad.
These are the first "new" marines I have built outside the Space Wolves I collect and I am impressed with the detail once again that GW are squeezing onto the figures.
It's so detailed it's quite easy to paint a very detailed model without actually using any fancy freehand or transfers, a great point for painters who struggle with that sort of thing.
As usual these have taken far too long for me to finish, but that's how the cookie crumbles lately I'm afraid!
I've not painted black armour before on marines so it was a good challenge to find some colours that worked well.

What's next well I believe it is a Tu'Shan model (Lysander in game terms), I'm still finalizing some details then I will post up the plan for that fella.

On a personal note I have been playing a few games of 40K lately with the gaming group, we have rekindled the hobby after 6 months of no action.
I have found myself playing with Terminator Lone Wolf's in my games and Fenrisian Wolves too so I shall be making and painting some of them for myself as well soon.

Anyhoo thanks for looking and your comments are always welcome



  1. Very well done indeed, I think with all the great detail GW have laid on with these models it's all too easy to get carried away painting them and over guild what should be a sombre tone. These guys are after all kamikazes in their funeral colours.

    IMO you've got it spot on, I particularly like the effect you managed on the red of the power fist, tabards and weapons.

  2. Thanks mate I a appreciate the comments.
    It seems the Red is getting all the attention do I shall share what I did:

    Base: Mechrite red
    Shade: Devlan mud
    Highlight: Bloody red (vallejo)
    Highlight: Blazing orange

    That's all it takes.