Thursday, 24 November 2011

Space Wolves get some love at last!

Hi everyone, it seems like ages since I worked on my Space wolves but I have finished off some Long Fangs I've had half painted for a silly amount of time.

These chaps have seen quite a lot of action, and my current configuration for the squad is 1-2 Lascannons and the rest missile launchers.....not very original I admit but seeing as I can't take 5 Heavy Flamers this will do!!

I've also started a Lone Wolf as I mentioned recently he has been of use lately so I thought it best he actually got a dedicated model!
The arms are magnetized so I can swap them about, all my Terminators are made this was so I get the most from the extra bitz in the boxes.

I'm still collecting bits and ideas for the next part of the Salamanders commission.....stay tuned for more info soon.