Sunday, 12 February 2012

Warhammer Forge Masterclass

- Above image is used without GW consent.

Hello once again, it's been a few weeks but I have tales to tell.

Once again real life has been getting in the way of my hobby time but the move draws ever closer and my new workspace looms on the horizon so it's a case of "good things come to those who wait!"

Enough of that and onto what I've been upto this past weekend.......

As the title suggests I attended the Warhammer Forge Masterclass this past Saturday hosted by Adam Snook and with Phil Stutcinskas and Mark Bedford as our teachers for the day.

I drove up the night before and stayed in the Park Plaza hotel in the city center mainly so I was rested and ready for a hard days painting, the day began with registration in Bugmans Bar at 9:30 we were led across to a conference room setup with a video camera and projection screen so we could watch up close.

Each painter had a workstation setup with brushes and paints and an Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn/Thundertusk model built into subsections and basecoated appropriately, the schedule for the day and which areas we were going to cover along with what paints were used was laid out on a laminated sheet (which we got to keep along with the brushes and model!)

Phil and Mark had previously built and painted each of the variants in their own style for us to drool over, and the painting for the day was to cover their techniques for painting good looking armies very fast.

The actual day was great their methods are very easy to follow and whilst they may seem very strange they work amazingly well, I honestly believe that everyone in the room could produce a model as good as the two shown above with what we were shown on the day.

Adam Snook was photographing us and uploading them to the GW facebook page throughout the day so if you want to see more check out their facebook page .

I will be returning to the model in a series of articles very soon to divulge what I learnt and to finish it, it is an awesome plastic kit packed with detail so will be a joy to paint.

See you soon

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