Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tu Shan update

Hello once again, I must confess it's been another busy week so not much has happened on the hobby front but I have got a little more done on Tu Shan.
The scales on the loin cloth was a bit of a challenge but it's all about learning it for yourself.

I also started work on the cloak which is very challenging to get it smooth but a few coats of liquid green stuff should smooth the way, then it's time for some more scales.

This little piece was sculpted from a Space Wolf Thunderhammer and will sit on the top of the Terminator armour as decoration, what do you think?

The only other thing I have done is the first bit of shading on the Cyclone Terminator, but there is much more to go.
I should have some time this weekend to get more done so stay tuned for an update.

Munky Out


  1. Not enough plush Frankenstein in that photoshoot. Nicely done models, how did you do the thunderhammer head?

  2. Lol he is awesome that little monster dude!

    I started by shaving off all the details just leaving the teeth and snout shape.
    After that I just built up the shape with a couple of layers of Green Stuff.
    A final coat of liquid grennstuff and a sand with 1200 paper and it's done.

  3. Awesome conversion work!

  4. Lovely green you have there. Good stuff

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    This week is mental busy so an update may be later on this week