Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tu Shan update

Hello once again, I must confess it's been another busy week so not much has happened on the hobby front but I have got a little more done on Tu Shan.
The scales on the loin cloth was a bit of a challenge but it's all about learning it for yourself.

I also started work on the cloak which is very challenging to get it smooth but a few coats of liquid green stuff should smooth the way, then it's time for some more scales.

This little piece was sculpted from a Space Wolf Thunderhammer and will sit on the top of the Terminator armour as decoration, what do you think?

The only other thing I have done is the first bit of shading on the Cyclone Terminator, but there is much more to go.
I should have some time this weekend to get more done so stay tuned for an update.

Munky Out