Friday, 22 June 2012

Dropzone Commander Diorama complete

There it is my first diorama!
All I wish is that I had more time to spend on it but I am right in the middle of moving house infact I move in two days!

These are the buggies I opted for an urban scheme featuring panels of grey, white and blue.

And the Shaltari Warstrider, not sure if I got the OSL right on the main gun but it's as good as I can do in the current time frame.

This picture is just to show you the size of the units compared to a 5 pence piece for scale.

The whole build was very different to how I would usually approach a model, and taught me that you have to add so much more detail to a diorama to get it looking "right".

Thanks people i'm off to decorate and pore over the 6th edition rulebook this wekend!


  1. Brilliantly painted mate, the only thing I would say is that it's a bit too "clean" to be a war zone, unless it's Singapore ;)

    Maybe some skid makes from the tyres of the lead buggy would give more of a sense of surprise too, like they were cruising round the corner and slammed on the brakes.

  2. Great work.
    And its nice to see some Dropship Commader stuff.