Friday, 7 June 2013


At long last my airbrush compressor has arrived and isn't it lovely!
It's been a long time coming to be honest, and I was like a little kid a Christmas opening it. 

I had a quick go last night and was very impressed with it.  
I wasn't much louder than a microwave or kettle when running and due to its "smart technology" it only runs once the trigger on the airbrush is pressed. 

I used it to base coat Adams Van Saar gang in about 10 mins, I've subsiquently started brushing in the other base colours for the bases and metal areas. 

The following model is where I'm heading with the colours but the base and face are not finished yet. 

One thing that surprised me was how much crap was stuck in the airbrush when I started running cleaner through it. 
I think some cleaning brushes are in order to get to the fiddly bits. 

Stay tuned for more as I get back in the saddle properly and start my hobby mojo back up again. 


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