Monday, 8 July 2013

Another month rolls by..

Welcome back to another edition of Munkystyle, not a great deal to report but a pretty varied experience this month. 
Firstly I found some old gaming stuff buried in my dads loft, Dungeon Quest and some realm of chaos books being the highlight. 
Following that vein of old skool gaming my group has revamped our interest in Warhammer Quest, so much so I actually bought a model for myself!!! An Empire Battle wizard set, and so Archibald Zane was conceived. 
I really enjoyed using the airbrush to get a smooth transition from purple to orange, then went in with the brush for the yellow highlights. (Better pics to follow soon)
The commission grinds ever onwards and is nearing completion, I've always struggled with basing and seeing the bases from Anvil Industries are so detailed I thought I'd try my hand at weathering powders. 
This is the result of various experiments with Modelmates Liquid rust and Forge World weathering powders. 

Il leave you with a sneak peek of what's next on the desk.....

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