Monday, 27 September 2010

Tyranid Prime Part II

Hello again folks, sorry for the delay in posting but real life has been getting in the way a bit.
Still I have managed to get some more done on the Tyranid Prime I have completed the Greenstuff work on the body and legs and have sculpted a nice big Brain for him!
The head is made from a Warrior crest and a Genestealer face with some Greenstuff Brainz,

I followed this excellent tutorial from Hydra on how to make Boneswords and lashwhips, I actually used the lash whip idea to make the tail more interesting.

All I have left to do now is join the body and head with a suitable neck and its ready for paint.
I have started on the second Prime now I have the idea straightened out with this little fella.
Stay tuned for the painted version coming soon.


  1. The Mawloc back spines really add to the effect. It makes him look like a small Hive Tyrant--which I'm sure is the essence of the look you're going for. Very cool.

    I really like the tutorial on boneswords and lashwhips as well. How long did they take to convert?

    I opted to just swap the heads out with Raveners, thereby giving them a distinct trait (mandibles) that other warriors don't have, but not making them incredibly different. I guess this is partly due to laziness, and partly due to the fact that I've seen units come and go in the past, and I don't want to have to scrap the models when 6th edition comes out.

  2. I confess I had so many of the spikes left from my Trygon that I had to use them on something!

    The Bonesword was very easy to do i used a drill to cut the notch out, in all honesty the hardest thing is coming up with a non-sword shape!
    The lash whip was a little longer due to curing time with the GS, I would recommend you let it cure for a while before draping it over the pen, also put a little vaseline on the pen to stop it sticking as it dries.

    I unfortunately don't really like the Ravener kit so havent seen whats in there, I may grow to like them in time.