Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Salamanders Continued......

Right Munky fans I am back!
And I am back with some more Salamanders, this time in the shape of a Command squad, some Terminators and a Lysander conversion to boot.

And after them comes the Blood Angels, featuring a 10 man squad of Death company and a Death company Dreadnought too.

The reason I have been a little delayed is this chap, a Swarmlord!
The eagle eyed amongst you will spot the left and right handed Bonesabres, I have been dabbling with casting my own components in resin.

Over the last few months I have been collecting the necessary equipment to do this and testing it all out.
The left handed Bonesabre has been sculpted by me and cast in Resin.

Now I would like to ask YOU my readers what sort of resin products you would like to see, I am considering all sensible ideas, components , scenery and gaming/tournament aids???

I you can spare the time to leave some thoughts I'd really appreciate it.