Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Salamanders Continued......

Right Munky fans I am back!
And I am back with some more Salamanders, this time in the shape of a Command squad, some Terminators and a Lysander conversion to boot.

And after them comes the Blood Angels, featuring a 10 man squad of Death company and a Death company Dreadnought too.

The reason I have been a little delayed is this chap, a Swarmlord!
The eagle eyed amongst you will spot the left and right handed Bonesabres, I have been dabbling with casting my own components in resin.

Over the last few months I have been collecting the necessary equipment to do this and testing it all out.
The left handed Bonesabre has been sculpted by me and cast in Resin.

Now I would like to ask YOU my readers what sort of resin products you would like to see, I am considering all sensible ideas, components , scenery and gaming/tournament aids???

I you can spare the time to leave some thoughts I'd really appreciate it.




  1. Missile launchers for my Long Fangs. You can't get em for love nor money.

  2. Awesome looking Swarmlord there!
    What is the base made of? (cork?)

    Personally I'd be most interested in Boneswords. :)

  3. The bas is a resin one from Microarts in Poland I believe, they have some fantastic ruined city bases which this was from.

    As for the Boneswords I will be looking at them in the future for sure.

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