Monday, 21 February 2011

Swarmlord finished.

I must apologise for the lack of recent updates but Real Life has been butting it's ugly head in far too much lately.
Any how I have been finishing this beasty off, I've actually fallen in love with these colours.
So much so infact that I may have to steal them for my own Tyranids when I get round to repainting them and rebuilding them for 5th Edition.

aside from this I have been working on a set of rules for a fortnightly campaign for me and my buddies, It's very rough right now but I hope to post them here for people to use.

Next up is the Salamanders commission including a scratch built Lysander!

Stay tuned


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    My only critique is the carapace stippling on the front (only the front, not the back), the final and brightest colour - those strokes appear to be too wide.

    If you went back with a detail brush and 'trimmed' them very slightly; only a little, then it would make the model that much better.

    That is of course only how I feel. :)


  2. Cheers Anders,
    I see what you are saying, it's quite difficult to get the brush into some parts, I use a quick "flicking" motion to get the lines and a few can come out a little wide.

    Thanks for the comments it's always good to improve.

  3. Very nice paint job on the carapace and the boneswords.