Sunday, 27 February 2011

Salamanders commission - Apothecary complete.

Hi folks, I'm back again with another model.
This is the Apothecary for the ongoing Salamanders commission, I had actually forgotten how much of a challenge painting white can be, but I got there in the end.
I went with shadow grey as the shade colour for the panel lines and it came out pretty good I think.
the choice of Gold for the helmet and Pauldrons was made by the customer from the Imperial Armour books, sandy really liked the Gold as a way to set the Command squad apart from the rest of the Marines.

The rest of the command squad should be finished over the rest of this week, and after them are the Salamander Terminators!

Cheers Munky fans see you soon


  1. I like the crisp, clean style of painting. I also really like how you included the salamander elements without just painting a generic marine and throwing some white onto it.

  2. I'll echo Equinox, sharp clean use of pallet. Resulting in a very bold, smart looking marine; my idea of how the Emperors finest should look.

    A great piece.

  3. Any chance you can share your secrets to painting so well?