Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

Hello I hope you all had a nice hobby filled festive break, and I hope you got lots of chocolate hehe.
There are only a few tidbits I've been working on over the break, I couldn't get much done due to "man flu"
The first is the cartoon Tau you see above, the scheme is designed to be fast and manga-esque.
The colours are Astronomicon grey and Solar Macharius orange with a Brown ink wash in the details, I'm not 100% sure on it yet so any comments are welcome.

The second item is a test model for my Necrons, I always fancied copper as the colour for them with a Verdigris wash it looks pretty sweet.
The gun and glow colour is still undecided I went with Purple as it's my favorite colour but it doesn't really work that well, I may switch to the tried and tested green?
I also have done the mask in Rotting flesh and shaded with a little Terracotta to give the appearance of a Ceramic death mask, what do you think?

On the commission front I have begun painting the final Terminator to round out the squad here and give them all the available weapon options.

I have made progress on Tu-Shan and there are plenty of things to add to him like flames on the shins and scaled cloak and odds and ends, I have used Thunderhammers from Chapter House Studios and a spare Logan Grimnar Storn Bolter arm with Blood Angel's Melta pistol barrels to make his "fist of fire"

Anyway that's all for now and I hope to have more to show this weekend, we are still trying to find a buyer for our flat so things are just a little bit mental right now!
But it's all for the better because once the move is complete I will have so much more room to store my hobby stuff in one place thing's will be a great deal easier.

Any hoo

Munky out

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