Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tutorials and cool stuff added to blog.

Hi everyone I hope you are all well!

I have been adding a little content to the Blog in the way of Tutorials I have done and seen over the years.
I know there is only a few now but I have loads to share, once I have checked the links are OK they will appear on the site, just browse off the menu bar at the top.

One of the tutorials I found only a week or two ago is of such a high standard that I just have to share it here as well.
It is by G.Schellert on his Blog here there are downloadable files of the articles he has produced.

Now the tools he describes and builds are of such a high quality and range that I personally will struggle to match his work, that aside it has inspired me to make some myself (although not as well finished as his!)

I am a novice sculptor and haven't really done much since my college days so I have a long way to go, but I was struggling to see how anyone could sculpt a models with conventional tools like these:

That's not to say that they aren't useful of course they are, but it struck me the other day that my problem was they are just too damn BIG! such a simple thought but ground breaking none the less.

After poring over Schellerts pdf I decided to make some myself, now I don't have all the wonderful tools he has but armed with some wire a steel block and a hammer I bashed some tools out and with some bending in a vice and polishing with 1200 wet and dry paper I had success.

The handles are old xacto knifes and with a little modification to the chucks (I drilled them out with a 1mm bit a little) my new tool fit.
Each tool tip is around 30mm long and just pops in the handle when needed.

So far they are proving to be much easier to get into the details on a model, I just need to learn how to use them to they fullest which will take time.

Any ways thanks once again to G.Schellert for a wonderful article.

In other news I have had little free time this week due to 4 viewings of our flat which meant everything had to be tidied up grrrrr!
But I have added some studs to the armour of Tu Shan, I will be doing a Tutorial on these soon to show you how I do it.
Excuse the bad pic it was taken on my Iphone, as usual any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Munky out and see you soon.


  1. Brilliant work on the sculpting tool set, very clever idea and the xacto blade handles have a decent heft to them that will balance nicely as you work.

    Problem I have is the normal tools are thin and lack a nice weight; solved in your case here :)

    Studs looks suitable Mk5 brutal :D

  2. Thanks Tael,
    I haven't made too many tips yet because I have not used these enough to say if I like em.
    The offset tools are very handy because you get an almost infinite adjustment to the tip angle just by turning it left or right.
    As I get to grips I'm sure I will modify them or make new ones.

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    So feel free to drop me a comment and hopefully become a member, keep up the good work. And hopefully I'll hear from you soon.

  4. Hi unite,
    I had a browse of your blog and I like what I see, thank you for joining mine.
    I look forward to seeing more work.