Friday, 17 September 2010

Batrep 1000pt Space Wolves vs Night Angels(Dark Angels)

I thought I'd share a recent 1000pt game with my friend Neil, he has a sizeable space marine force which he has designed, they are a successor chapter from the Dark Angels called the Night Angels.

Our usual gaming group of 4 meet up and each play a 750pt list with an ally, randomly generated each week, this is mainly due to time constraints and so that we all get involved in a game at least once a week.
This time it was just a clash between the Wolves and the Angels!
The list I used was my usual 750pt Space Wolves with some extra bits added on, Neil ran a bespoke list for the day.

Space Wolves
Rune Priest - Bolt Pistol + Runic Weapon + Meltabombs
Wolf Guard x3 - Bolt Pistol + Powerfist
Wolf Scouts x5 - Meltagun
Grey Hunters x6 - Meltagun + Wolf Standard
Grey Hunters x6 - Meltagun + Wolf Standard
Grey Hunters x6 - Meltagun + Wolf Standard
Long Fangs x5 - Leader + 3x Missile Launchers + Lascannon
*Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon + Missile Launcher
*Rhino x2 - Hunter Killer Missile
(* denotes extra above usual 750 pt army)

Night Angels
Ezekial - Mastercrafted Bolt Pistol + Mastercrafted Force Weapon + Artificer armour
Veteran Squad x5 - Lightning Claws(pair) x5 + Meltabombs x2
Tactical Squad x10 - Plasma Pistol, Plasmagun, Plasma Cannon, Power Weapon, Meltabombs
Tactical Squad x10 - Meltagun, Lascannon, Meltabombs
Razorback - Storm Bolter, hunter Killer Missile, extra Armour

We decided to play a random mission from the Battle Missions book and as such the Eldar mission "Mobile Defence" was rolled with me (Wolves) playing the part of the Eldar.
The mission involved 4 objectives placed around the center mass of the map, with one stuck out in the back field.
I had to deploy first with Neil taking the first turn.

I deployed the Rune priest (RP) and his Grey Hunters (GH) in the center with the second squad as backup both in Rhinos, the other Rhino was setup on the right to move for the objective in the ruin and the Long Fangs (LF) were in the upper storeys of the building in my half, the Scouts I infiltrated to better offset Neils deployment (I was not allowed to use reserves in this game)

Neil broke his Tacticals into combat squads, and placed the Lascannon in the ruin on the hill and the Plasma Cannon opposite my Rune Priest, the two special weapon squads faced off in the center and his Veterans (VET) and Ezekial (EZ) were in the Razorback on my right.
I infiltrated the Scouts to balance me out against the razorback.

N.A. - The lascannon fires from the ruin and stuns the Dreadnought and the Meltagun from the second Combat squad Stuns the right hand Rhino at range.
S.W.- The RP casts Storm Caller, EZ fails to nullify it, and the Rhino he is in drives into the center and the GH disembark and combine their rapid fire with the LF to kill a few Night Angels opposite, the Scouts calmly jog forward amd Meltagun the Razorback blowing it to bits! the resulting wreckage kills 3 of the VETS!

N.A. - The Angels retreat from the center but their fire is ineffective again, other than the Lascannon stunning the Dreadnught again!,  Ezekial and the VETS dispose of the Scouts and score some Meltabomb hits on the Rhino immobilising it and destroying the Hunter Killer.
S.W. - The RP separates from his squad allowing them to move up, The shooting from the wolves is poor and the RP casts Storm Caller again and the third GH squad relocate to the rearward objective.

N.A. - The lone Tactical Sargeant charges into the GH in the center his charge and resultant Plasma fire kills off 4 GH, he dies at the Wolfguards hands! EZ cast Hellfire on the GH killing 2 and then charges in slaying the whole squad on his own! And the Lascannon stuns the Dreadnought AGAIN! Dammit!!
S.W. - The GH claim both middle objectives and get back in their Rhino and rejoin the RP, the third squad claim the rear objective, and fire from the LF causes the last of Neils combat squad to flee.

N.A. - The Lascannon finally finds a weakness and vaporises the Dreadnought! (At last-Neil!!) Plasma Cannon regroups and melts the LF sargeant.
S.W. - The third GH squad move forward into the crater and rapidfire at the remaing 4 Night Angels in the building...riddling all 4 with bolt shells!(5 failed saves on 5 dice - oops), the RP is shut down by EZ again and fails to cast Living Lightning, The Plasma Cannon is killed off by the LF.

N.A.- Lascannon blows up the RP Rhino though the GH are ok as they stumble from the wreck, EZ charges the GH and carves up 3 alas the last 2 VETS die and the Wolves nerve holds for a draw, EZ is on his own at last.
S.W. - Shooting fails, Psychic fails (damn you EZ!) He slices up 2 more GH and is smacked by the powerfist from the Wolfguard, in a desperate attempt to save himself he casts Force Barrier but the wily RP nullifies it and Ezekial dies at last!.The Wolf Guard tries to consolidate for the 3rd objective but falls short.

Game ends in a 2-0 victory for the Space Wolves.
OMG! I thought Neils bad dice rolling had sealed the game, boy I was was wrong Ezekial was a monster on his own, god knows how awful he would have been with all 5 Veterans and their Lightnig Claws!.
I felt the Wolves held well, but I was a bit mifed with the Dreadnought sitting there stunned all game but at least it tied up the Lascannon.

All in all a great game, and good entertainment whilst the WAGS were out shopping, then it was off down the pub for some well earned beers and grub.

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  1. That was a frustrating game, great to see that your choice of Wolves is really taking shape and clocking up some strong success stories... sorry, sagas! /wink