Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hiveguard complete and the first painted model on the blog!!

Well here it is people the first fully painted model on the blog!

Sandy the customer sent me some pictures of the Hive fleet Leviathan to copy the scheme from, I am really pleased with how its come out.
Personally I think the change from white to bone coloured "skin" helps to tie the colours together better.
This has been the first model I have painted for ages and it's been a blast, just got another two to do now I have the colours finalised.

For those of you interested the colours used are as follows:

SKIN - 1/1 Dheneb Stone/Bleached Bone washed with a 3/2 Gryphonne Sepia/Devlan Mud (aka Nid wash!)

GUN - 1/1 Mechrite Red/Scab Red washed with Nid wash and highlighted Blood Red.

CARAPACE - 1/1 Hormagaunt Purple/Chaos Black feathered with Liche Purple, 1/1Liche Purple/Fortress Grey, Fortress Grey.

Baal Red wash was used to pick out the ribbed areas and his mouth.

I hope you like it and I'd love to hear your comments!