Sunday, 12 December 2010

Whirlwind Hyperios complete

Hello Munky fans!

I will apologise for the long delay inbetween posts, I have been feindishly busy.....not with my hobby though!
Real life has been butting its ugly head into my free time lately and has hampered me doing anything in at any sort of pace.

But I got there in the end and finished the Whirlwind off, it has magnetized roof panels and cupolas so it can be used as a Rhino as well, these were as per the customers instructions.

I actually enjoyed this project mainly because I haven't fully completed many vehicles before and it taught me some very handy lessons, mainly that GW vehicle kits need a tonne of work before the joins look good, I had to break out the filler more than once.

And another thing I had to do some digging about in the wonderful files over at Bolter & Chainsword on the history and details regarding the Salamanders chapter and their iconography and history.

A massive thanks to the guys over there for helping me out bigtime!
I have one more unit to complete for the Space Marine commission, it is a squad of Salamander's Sternguard veterans.
These chaps have been built out of Forgeworld resin parts and some bits I have scratch built, namely the Bolters.

These were made from Scout bolters with the hand and ammo clip shaved off and a clip made from Terminator Storm Bolter glued on in place, I think they look pretty much like the Special issue Bolters on the metal Sternguard models.

Stay tuned for an update as I get these fellas splashed with green.


  1. Really nice stuff, your paints jobs are very clean and crisp. I like the Sternguard too, they look sharp! Do you do a lot of commissioned work?

  2. I do indeed, at the moment I am doing work for a chap in New Zealand, infact he has just asked me to do a tonne more stuff.

    So I am pretty busy in the early part of next year.

    But if you are interested just send me an email.