Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mid winter madness!

From Blogger Pictures

As some of you may be aware the British winter has arrived and the snow!
Now where I live in the south of England we are lucky to get even a few inches of snow, but this week we have had about 12-15 inches.

It's caused chaos, the poor lorry driver in the above picture couldn't get his car moving so he brought the cab home, only to have it slide out of control up the kerb and get stuck in the soft verge.
I saw the Police man arrive and try to tow him out with the 4x4 but they seemed to be having no luck, off I went with my spade to see what could be done.
Alas not much, the lorry had dug its wheels right into the earth and the Police 4x4's clutch had failed .....oops!

Once back in the warm I thought i'd get some more done on the Space Marine commission:

From Space Marines

I have completed all the smaller components so far including the two cupolas and the two top plates and Hyperios launcher.

The launcher and cupolas are magnetzed to washers glued in the body of the Rhino chassis, whilst the top hatch's are done with a magnet to magnet connection.

More on this soon as it nears completion.

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