Monday, 20 December 2010

Sternguard Complete, and the final post of 2010!

Seasons greetings everyone, I hope the bad weather isn't affecting you too much this Christmas!
I can't quite believe it's only a few days away, where does the time go!

Anyways I have put some serious time in today and got these fellas finished, alas as I type I have just realised I forgot to highlight the Black on the models, never fear though I'l get that done straight away!

I am really happy with how the freehand has come out, it's all thanks to some great articles over at F.T.W. namely the following, an excellent tutorial on Space marine lens's and this was superb for the freehand, there is a better link in Ron's tutorials but at the moment the link is broken, but it is there.

I've really enjoyed the freehand on these especially getting the numbers right on the kneepads, that was pretty cool to do that, and it's certainly taught me a thing or two!

Here is a closer view for those who like eye candy!
Once again a big thank you to all you Salamanders players out there your pictures in google search have been a great inspiration for these models.

And that leaves me to say goodbye to you in 2010! I hope you all have a great Christmas break and I'l be back on song in the new year for sure!


  1. Beautiful green on the models.

  2. They look awesome! Great work Munky. I specially like all the freehand work, it's really good.

  3. The highlighting on the green armour is superb. Best looking Sternguard I've seen in a while for sure.