Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Tyrannofex Complete

From Tyranids

Real life has been right in the way of me finishing this beasty, I apologise for the wait my friends.
It has been a blast to model and paint and I will have another Tyranid monstrosity for you soon.

From Tyranids

But in the meantime I have a small Space Marine commission to be getting on with, it's some Forgeworld Marines which are going to be Sternguard and a Whirlwind Hyperios.

From Space Marines

Stay tuned for more on this as the week goes on!


  1. Wait, what, wait..
    I don't even..what?

    My only critique is that the "soil" on the base look unfinished. This might just be the flash playing havoc with it however.

    Still.... Wow.

  2. Thanks dude!
    As for the base, I actually suck pretty bad at making bases "interesting" it's something I am still trying to improve on.

    I tried doing as wash with weathering powders on this one to see how it looks.

    The problem is trying to get a "natural" base comes out all wrong!

    I think i'l stare at it for a while and see what I can think of lol.

  3. Incredible paint job and conversion. Very well done.