Thursday, 11 November 2010

New ideas! changes to the blog.

From Painting Munky Style

Hello again guys and girls,
I have been giving some thought to the content of the blog and where it should go, and to that end I would like to introduce some new ideas/features I am planning.....

Smackdown Sunday!
Now this isn't a WWE column so don't worry! it will be a regular feature on a Sunday where I will post any battle reports for the week previously, I will endeavour to write the reports in a simplified yet interesting manner.
They will include the thoughts behind my army choice and the tactics I chose as well as a conclusion for both my opponent and myself.

I hope that will be sufficient and as always any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

Featured Friend!
This will be a fairly irregular post about my gaming buddies/opponents and their armies/modelling projects, this will allow them to add some different content to the blog making it more interesting! yippee!

I will do a little question and answers session with them to get a feel for their army, why they chose it and how they play.
Once again if their are any questions you would like asked please post them here and I will include them.

Obviously real life has an increasing habbit of ruining my best laid battle plans so don't expect content every week but I will do my best.

This is pretty obvious what will go here, but I will share the tips and tricks I have learnt over the course of my hobby and any future stuff that fits the bill.

The content will be rated as to how hard I perceive it to be from a new hobbyist point of view, and it will be explained in a clear and concise manner( well as best as I can manage !!)

Well that's all for today folks, I hope you like the ideas and I'l see you soon.


  1. Sounds like a fine format! I look forward to seeing more.


  2. Cheers Jim, hows things going with the rebuild?
    I hope you get things rolling along nicely.

  3. Good news,

    I'd love to see a tutorial on how you made those lovely fins on your Tyrannofex, including which type/size plasticard etc.

    Oh and I love reading batreps. :)

  4. Munky, the rebuild is pluggin along. I am building the basic models for the army as they show up. I get more models every week.

    My resin bases from Secret Weapon Mini went in the post today and should be here shortly, then I can really kick things into gear.

    Thanks for asking!


  5. Looking forward to your next Bat-Rep! /wink

    Great to see continued progress with this blog!

  6. Thanks for the replies people.
    Anders - No worries there I will do that one for sure.

    Omnius - Hehe Dagmires one is first!