Sunday, 21 November 2010

Smackdown Sunday #2

This week it is once again the grudge match between Neils Night Angels and my Space Wolves but this time we had time for 1500 pts, it's been a while since we fielded a game this big!

MISSION = Space Marines - Vangard (Battle Missions Book)
OPPONENT = Neil (Night Angels - Dark Angels)
ME = Space Wolves
POINTS = 1500

This battle was an excuse for me to try a full Drop Pod force for the first time, after the last game against Dagmire I was searching for a way to deliver the Wolves straight in at the enemy's throat!
Now I don't own 6 Drop Pods so I made some paper templates of the "petals" so we could judge the landing positions, it wasn't pretty but it worked well as a test!.

Onto the game:

Terminator + Dual Lightning Claws

Interrogator Chaplain
Terminator + Stormbolter + Crozius + Rosarius

Deathwing Terminators
1x Heavy Flamer + Chainfist
1x Apothicary + Dual Lightning Claws
1x Deathwing Banner + Dual Lightning Claws
2x Dual Lightning Claws

Deathwing Terminators
1x Power Weapon + Stormbolter
1x Powerfist + Stormbolter
1x Powerfist + Assault Cannon
2x Thunder Hammer + Stormshield

Deathwing Terminators
2x Thunder Hammer + Stormshield
2x Powerfist + Stormbolter
1x Powerfist + Assault Cannon

Venerable Dreadnought
Plasma Cannon
Dreadnought Close Combat Arm + Storm Bolter

1x Bolter
4x Heavy Bolters

1x Bolter
4x Heavy Bolters

Logan Grimnar

1x Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
2x Multi-meltas
3x Missile Launcher
Drop Pod

Wolfguard Terminators
1x Chainfist + Stormbolter
1x Stormshield + Power Weapon
1x Cyclone + Stormbolter = Power Weapon
2x Frostblade + Stormbolter
Drop Pod

1x Powerfist + Bolt Pistol
1x Mark of The wulfen
2x Combi-meltas
6x Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
Drop Pod

1x Powerfist + Bolt Pistol
1x Mark of The wulfen
2x Combi-meltas
6x Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
Drop Pod

Grey Hunters
6x Bolter + Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
Drop Pod

Grey Hunters
6x Bolter + Bolt Pistol + Chainsword
Drop Pod

I was the "Space marine" in this mission so I was the attacker and could place 1 objective after the Night Angel deployment.
Neil set up the Devastators one on the right hand hill and one in the left hand crater, the dreadnought was positioned in his back field and  Belial, Interrogator and chums just off to my left, the second Deathwing squad smack in the center of the board and the final squad in a line at the foot of the hill.

The objectives were in the center and right at the back, so I placed mine off to the right away from Belial and his fellows to buy me time.
The whole of my force was in reserve in their Drop Pods.

SW - I had first turn and brought in Logan and the Longfangs on my left flank to distract Belial for a few turns (I hoped!) the Wolfguard Terminators dropped into the center to contest the middle objective and the first 10 man Wolfguard squad dropped in between the right hand Deathwing squad and the Devastators on the hill.
Logan bestows Relentless onto the Longfangs so they can move and fire the heavy weapons, only one of the Multi-meltas kills a Terminator (I should have brought 5 doh!) my other two squads inflict 0 casualties on the Night Angel Terminators........a very, very bad start indeed!.

NA - Belial and mates move up and charge Logan and the Fangs, both Belial and the Chaplain are in base contact with Logan who gives his war shout ( helping the Wolfguard Terminators as well) Logan manages to wound the Chaplain twice and Belial once but Logan is killed and the Longfangs are wiped out!
The two Deathwing squads charge the Wolfguard Terminators 10 Vs 5! we both lose 4 Terminators but that means I am wiped out as well! ( oh dear that was a bit poop!)
The Devastators chew the 10 man Wolfguard up leaving a few alive as well.

SW - I receive the second Wolfguard 10 man squad and one of the Grey hunter squads as well, the Wolfguard drop in the center to help the first squad whilst the Grey Hunters drop on the right hand objective.
Once again my shooting is pap, though the last Deathwing Terminator from the central carnage is blown apart by Stormbolter fire from the Drop Pods.( I couldn't help but laugh at this)
The reduced Wolfguard assault the Devastators on the hill wiping them out and consolidating 6" back down the hill again.

NA - Belial and mates run around behind the central ruin to get back in the fight and the remaining Deathwing squad advance on my freshly dropped Grey Hunters over on the Right.
The Dreadnought's Plasma Cannon melts 4 from my newly arrived Wolfguard and the Deathwing charge the Grey Hunters wiping them out and consolidate 6" to trap my Wolfguard between them and the sprinting Belial.

SW - I don't receive the last squad Of Grey Hunters, I charge the Deathwing in the middle with the remnants of my Wolfguard killing all but 1 Assault Cannon Terminator, which means I am safe from shooting due to being locked.

NA - Belial keeps running behind the ruin drawing ever closer to the swirling melee in the middle, the Dreadnought hopes his Plasma Cannon will scatter off the Drop Pod into the Combat but it doesn't instead it blows the Stormbolter off (haha that will teach you to pull a "dick move") the lone Deathwing Terminator is ripped to bits by a frenzied Wulfen marine, one squad of Wolfguard head toward Belial to hold them off whilst the smaller squad back away to claim the right hand objective with their consolidation moves.

SW - The last Drop Pod and my remaining troop choice slams into the building just in front of the central objective meaning that I now hold 2 to Neils none! (it was a slim hope of victory at this point!)
The Wolfguard charge Belial and are slain ( I forgot he was Initiative 5! oops!)

NA - Faced with me controlling 2 objective Belial orders the Deathwing to head for the central objective whilst the Chaplain and himself head to the right to clear the other.
Enfilading fire from the Devastators on the right who have been without a target most of the game kill a few Grey Hunters and the Deathwing Run to contest the center objective, whilst Belial runs to contest the right hand one.

SW -I desperately charge the Grey Hunters into the Deathwing but they are slain, leaving Neil in control of the middle objective.

NA - Belial assaults the last remaining Space Wolves butchering them and contesting the right hand objective.

The game had to end there due to lack of time ( I didn't mind I wasn't gonna win with 5 Drop Pods either lol) with the Night Angels finally breaking a losing streak and mine becoming longer!

Neil - I wouldn't have changed much, maybe tried to hold 2 objectives rather than going for the same one Dave was gunning for, a few tactical errors were made such as putting Belial off to one side.
Other than that a great game and I sure had to think fast when surrounded with Drop Pods.

Munky - I should have picked all 5 Longfangs as Multi-meltas and dropped them in support of the other two squads on the right, hopefully clearing the middle to receive Belial's men later in the game.
Dropping them so close made it easier for Neil to remove them before they helped.
Another good point Neil raised was that my Drop Pods count as another 6 victory points in one of the missions!
I have walked away from this still a little lost as how best to deploy my marines, I may try a mixture of Pods and Rhinos next time, mixing the rapididity of Drop Pods with the mobility of Rhinos!


  1. Thank you for the read,

    From looking at the lists you do appear to be under-manned. This could have been mitigated by having some of the pods come in near each other for support - but your abysmal luck in the shooting phase means it wouldn't have changed much. :p

    Personally I still think you should stick with Rhinos (and maybe Pods for any Dreads you take), I swear by Rhinos as they've never done wrong by me. :)

    You can even use them as a form of mobile shields for your slogging Terminators if the mission/situation demands it.


  2. Im going to try a mix of Rhinos and Pods this week to see how they support each other.
    Will be trying to use some more equipment on the guys so they are more equipment heavy this time round.

    As an added bonus i've cracked the airbrush out and got tonnes of stuff sprayed grey at last yay!