Sunday, 14 November 2010

Smackdown Sunday #1

Well here it is the inaugural Smackdown post, I hope you enjoy the battle report and the picture I found, personally I almost wet myself laughing when I found this!

MISSION = Capture & Control
OPPONENT = Dagmire (Imperial Guard)
ME = Space Wolves
POINTS = 1250

This battle is between Dagmire's Imperial Guardsmen  and my Space Wolves(who are on a bit of a losing streak!).
I always enjoy playing Dagmire he has two fantastic painted armies namely Sisters of Battle and the aforementioned IG, I will be doing a Featured Friend post on this guy soon to show you the miniatures they are really mint.
Anyways onto the game:

Wolfguard Battle Leader
Terminator + Frostblade + Combi-melta

Arjac Rockfist
Terminator + Powerfist + Stormbolter
Terminator + Cyclone + Power Weapon + Stormbolter
Terminator + Power Weapon + Stormbolter
Drop pod

Grey Hunters (x3 squads)
Wolf Standard
7x Grey Hunters

3x Lascannon
2x Missile Launcher

Command squad
2x Meltaguns
2x Guardsmen
Officer of the fleet
Chimera + 2x heavy Bolters

Sly Marbo

Veteran squad A
Gunnery Sgt Harker
2x Meltaguns
1x Grenade launcher
Shotgun Guardsmen

Veteran squad B
Sgt with shotgun
2x Meltaguns
1x Heavy flamer
Lasgun Guardsmen
Chimera +Multilaser + Heavy Flamer

Veteran squad C
3x Grenade launcher
Auto cannon
Vox Caster
Lasgun Guardsmen

Veteran squad D
3x Sniper Rifles
Missile Launcher
Lasgun Guardsmen

3x Ratlings

Leman Russ Executioner + Lascannon + 2x Plasma Cannon sponsons

Valkyrie Vendetta

Dagmire started with two Guardsmen squads set up in the ruins on the right, the Snipers upstairs and the grenadiers on the ground, Ratlings were in the small ruin on the left with a Chimera and Guardsmen squad behind , Company Command  Chimera and Executioner tank hidden behind the ruin and the final Chimera tucked round the right hand side. Sargeant Harker and his special weapons squad infiltrate into the small building in the center off to the right hand side. Dagmire's objective is placed by the 2 Guardsman squads in the ruin .

I deployed the Long fangs on the top of the building on the left with a Grey Hunter squad in front and to the side and the third squad were forced to deploy off to the right side and would face a slog through the back field.
The Wolfguard Termnators and Wolfguard Battle leader would arrive on turn 1 via droppod.
My objective is placed in front of the Longfangs.

SW - I won first turn and promtly dropped the Wolfguard right in Dagmire's back field, unfortunately the Pod scattered and as the Terminators deployed Arjac Rockfist's mighty Thunderhammer was just out of range of the nearest Chimera though the Cyclone missile launcher did wreck it, the Battle leader who had separated from the squad fired his Combi-melta into the nearby Chimera Immobilising it.
The Longfangs must have been combing their beards because they hit nothing in the shooting phase, and the 3 grey Hunter squads advanced running to cover as much ground as possible.

IG - Harker and his men advance through the building and target the central Grey Hunters the fire from them Melta-ing a few, they then charge the Spacewolves who unceremoniously wipe them out in seconds!
The Guardsmen clamber from their immobilised tank and combine their fire with Plasma Cannon and Plasmagun shots from the Executioner into the Terminators only managing to drop 2 crucially Arjac is still alive!
The two Guardsmen squads in the central ruins by Dagmires objective open fire with Snipers and Krak grenades at the Longfangs killing 2. Both Spacewolf squads hold their nerve.

SW - The Longfangs have to move to restore squad coherency (note to self don't deploy in a thin line a spread out squad is better), the Battle Leader charges the disembarked Guardsmen slaying 4 but they hold and the combat is drawn.
Arjac finds his range and the Teleporting Thunderhammer smashes the Executioner turret to ruin, and in the ensuing charge he smashes the sponson off and leaves the crew stunned and shaken.
All three Grey Hunter squads advance and the central squad clear bits of Guardsmen from their Chainblades and run towards the next lot on Dagmires objective.

IG - The Guardsmen receive some reinforcements in the shape of a Vendetta which screams onto my left behind the Ratlings, The Ratlings and both squads guarding the objective AND the Vendetta unleash hell at the two beleaguered Grey Hunter squads in the center whittling them down to just 2 and 3 marines left and crucially pinning one squad..
The combat with the Battle Leader sees him slay just one man and the enemy hold again keeping him bogged down.

SW - The Longfangs who are now in position with combed beards promtly miss every shot at the Vendetta! (good job boys!), Battle Leader slay another Guardsman to no effect, the remaining Greyhunters and Arjac and his mate charge the Guardsmen on the lower floor around the objective slaying them all with no casualties.
The third Grey Hunter squad has now arrived in the center after a 3 turn jog to get there!

IG - Sly Marbo arrives just behind Arjac!, the Command squad move down the hill behind the Wolfguard Terminators with the right hand Chimera and the Vendetta moving into the center field as well.
Marbo throws his Demo charge at Arjac and the Command squad Meltaguns fire as well killing the Power weapon Terminator, but Arjac's blessed plate saves him, and once again every weapon in the Guard arsenal is thrown (oops sorry for the bad pun!) at the Grey Hunters leaving a Flamer marine standing Arjac is assaulted by the Command squad and he leaves the Commander and two Meltagunners alive they pass their morale as well. Battle Leader kills another lone Guardsman(I'm bored I bet you are lol).

SW - The belated Grey Hunters make their presence known by blowing the Chimera to scrap and half the Guardsmen inside as well, they then flee the Wolves in terror.
The Battle Leader final forces the Sargent and Meltagunner to flee as well, whilst the lone Flamer marine contests Dagmires objective.
The Longfangs Score a few hits on the Guardsmen left in the upper stories but they pass a heap of cover saves.
Arjac is finally bought to heel by the Command squad who consolidate in front of the last Space marine squad (great move there Dagmire!)

IG - A searing beam of coherent light plays across the Battle Leaders Terminator armour but he is unharmed much to the Executioners crew's chagrin, Marbo finished off the Flamer marine in hand to hand and the remaining Grey Hunter squad is once again punished buy the Vendetta and Guardsmen leaving 2 alive.

SW - The Longfangs and the last flamer marine and Wolfguard Sargent fire at Dagmires Guardsmen and kill 5 but their nerve holds and they are now out of charge range through some clever wound allocation.

IG - the Battle Leader is brought down with Sniper fire from the Ratlings and the last 2 marines are slain by Sniper and Krak missile fire from the Guardsmen.

The roll for turn 6 is made but alas the game ends, with the Imperial Guard holding their home objective and the Wolves left with the under achieving Longfangs!

Dagmire - Man of the match I feel should go to either the Ratlings or the Sniper Guardsmen who through Rending hits and Pinning slowed the Wolves right down allowing me more time to deal with them at range.
As for what I would have done differently I should have been more wary of the Drop pod and brought the executioner in from Reserve instead of leaving it open to assault, and the Officer of the Fleet would have assisted this.

Munky - Well I feel that the deployment type is very hard to get around when you have a footslogging army, and maybe the third squad would have been better off moving down the left near the ratlings.
MOTM will go to Arjac for getting the crucial damage in on the Executioner which was the real bane of my marines.
Other than that I am still struggling with delivering the marines to their targets (mainly close assault) in sufficient numbers?

Thanks for reading and as always your comments and insight are welcome.


  1. Great read... hope you keep this feature going!

    Looking forward to your spotlight on your friends armies!

  2. Thank you for sharing,

    Even though the battle leader didn't do much in the way of killing, he held up and survived quite a number of nasty things thrown at him.

    I know you're playing a footslogging list but, 1-2 bare-bones Rhinos are pure gold for getting into and out of trouble.

    Fun times :)

  3. Well the next battle report is a full Drop Pod force!
    It's a tactic i've not used before so stay tuned for that too next Sunday.