Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tyrannofex part-1

Hi everyone, I have made some progress on the Tyrannofex over the last few days as you can see.
It's still very WIP but I'm getting a feel for the shapes and detail needed on this monster.

It's been very difficult to get it all into the right pose but its getting there, though I am getting frustrated with waiting for putty to dry! I have resorted to leaving him in the airing cupboard ontop of the boiler to speed things up!
I have begun working on the Bonesabres for the Swarmlord which is next, I have ordered some casting supplies so I can hopefully cast four of the sabres, I certainly don't want to sculp/carve them one took me a few hours!
More on that in the coming weeks, I will post a tutorial on the casting process, I trained as a modelmaker at college and hopefully there is still some knowlege in the sponge I call a brain!

See ya all soon.


  1. That Tyrannofex is truly fearsome.
    And so detailed..

    Well done Sir!

    On a side-note, could you tell me how you made the back-vent-spine-fin-thingies?

    I've been pondering the very same for a planned Tervigon conversion.

    PS. I look forward to see your beast with paint on.

  2. Hi Anders,
    Thanks for the comments, The process I use to make the Vents and the back is quite simple.

    I start by sketching out the basic shape onto plasticard and then I cut and file the plastic to the approximate shape, at this point I pin the card to the model and begin the final shaving of the vent with my scalpel.
    That way you can compare the shape to the original ones and get it just right.


  3. The Tyrannofex looks like its coming together very well so far. The massive cannon does indeed look quite badass. I cannot wait to see this thing fully painted.

  4. I have built up the other side of the T-fex with milliput(the white stuff) so I should be able to sculpt most of the second side in one go.

    I may have a few more details to add just round the model off after this but, I finally may get it finished!

    It has been one hell of a beast to sculpt! can't wait to see it painted up as well.