Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tyrannofex part-1

Hi everyone, I have made some progress on the Tyrannofex over the last few days as you can see.
It's still very WIP but I'm getting a feel for the shapes and detail needed on this monster.

It's been very difficult to get it all into the right pose but its getting there, though I am getting frustrated with waiting for putty to dry! I have resorted to leaving him in the airing cupboard ontop of the boiler to speed things up!
I have begun working on the Bonesabres for the Swarmlord which is next, I have ordered some casting supplies so I can hopefully cast four of the sabres, I certainly don't want to sculp/carve them one took me a few hours!
More on that in the coming weeks, I will post a tutorial on the casting process, I trained as a modelmaker at college and hopefully there is still some knowlege in the sponge I call a brain!

See ya all soon.